Friday Links is on the Side of the Bronies on In Defense of Bronies – the Quest for Gender Equality in Fandom. The patriarchy hurts men too, especially men who like cool cartoons about adorable ponies!

Alisa on The Knitting Olympics, and why the spat between the Olympics committee and Ravelry is a feminist issue for her.

Jennifer Crusie, queen of the collage-your-novel technique, talks about brainstorming with yarn, and other art and craft. It’s all about YARNSTORMING!

Bluemilk responds to the Atlantic article about Women Having It All, pulling the best points from the article and providing a bunch of links to interesting followup blogs.

The fabulous epic fantasy writer Karen Miller talks publishing, fantasy and feminism in Five Questions.

Malindo Lo crunches the numbers on LGBT representation in YA fiction this year.

Sarah Rees Brennan talks about her favourite urban fantasy lady sleuth. She also quotes a piece from an amazing graduation speech by the recently departed Nora Ephron, about feminism and the necessary vigilance of women.

“Don’t underestimate how much antagonism there is toward women and how many people wish we could turn the clock back. One of the things people always say to you if you get upset is, don’t take it personally, but listen hard to what’s going on and, please, I beg you, take it personally.” (Nora Ephron)

Diana Peterfreund looks at Battle Royale, and compares the execution of the central concept as compared to The Hunger Games. (like me she was annoyed by the lazy criticisms made of the Hunger Games franchise, mostly by people who hadn’t read the books) Surprise: execution MATTERS.