Friday Links is the Queen of Llamias

Aliette DeBodard talks about female protagonists in historical fantasy, and Kate Elliott responds by talking about female protagonists in fantasy-inspired-by-history. Between the two of them and the comments section there is some great, crunchy discussion.

Kate also appears on the Fantasy Cafe as part of their Women in SFF Month with a marvellous essay about learning that you don’t have to despise being a girl in order to play with the cool toys.

Kirstyn McDermott provides a counterpoint to the ‘women on urban fantasy book covers’ discussion by pointing out an example of getting it right. She is also interviewed by Dr Lisa & Dr Angela with Oops Your Psychosis is Showing. Later (Kirstyn is on FIRE this week!) she blogs about the consequences of being a girl, and the way we are socialised to view the world.

A lovely essay on the Mary Sue talks about having a four year old daughter who loves superheroes. I think you all know how much this resonates with me!

Also on the Mary Sue I learned about the woman who was laughed out of rooms by potential investors who didn’t see that her idea about consolidating babysitting services was a worthwhile business venture. Surprise, she’s now mega successful!

Small Beer Press answer the question of why print on demand isn’t right for them and their publishing model.

Cheryl Morgan talks about Women in Comics (Japanese Edition) and how the gender issues we have with the comics industry in the western world are funnily enough not the same at ALL in Japan.

Jo Walton looks at the issue of book series and how hard it is to review or consider them individually, and indeed the different ways in which continuing series work for readers, with particular reference to CJ Cherryh.

And finally, because it’s not a Friday Links post without Sarah Rees Brennan, check out her Thursday Sleuth post about the awesome Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother, who defies gender roles at every turn and is definitely NOT going to be the mother. Hooray!

Which is of course an excuse to rewatch Robin’s embarrassing past…

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    Good distractions, as always. Thanks, Tansy!

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