Friday Links Rides Clockwork Velociraptors

The voice of 80’s cartoon Jem muses on the show, and how those wacky Misfits might have turned out.

Yes, I’ll admit it, I was a huge Jem and the Holograms fan. It may have been the first cartoon I took to my heart – well, that and Battle of the Planets, and Astro Boy and Mysterious Cities of Gold, and, and, and…

I don’t know how anyone could possibly read this Big Idea post by Kate Elliott and not want to read her new series! Luckily for me I have Book One, Cold Magic on my to read shelf already! I also love the description of how she worldbuilt with her kids.

“Which is how I ended up with an Afro-Celtic post-Roman icepunk Regency fantasy adventure with airships, Phoenician spies, and the intelligent descendants of troodons.”

Seanan Maguire adds a marvellous post to the old ‘Mary Sue does not mean what you think it means’ discussion. It’s articulate, funny and conveys its message (that by its definition, a protagonist can’t be a Mary Sue) perfectly. Which is why I was frustrated to see the comments fill up with people who agreed with her heartily but still felt the need to claim that [insert female protagonist here] was a classic Mary Sue. Sigh.

Sarah Rees Brennan talks about being self conscious and how that can affect an author’s ability to blog, or indeed do much of anything in a public space without overthinking it.

Ben Payne has some fascinating and thoroughly optimistic ideas about how the generations below us will have very different relationships with the internet, and how having every mistake of your youth available to see could affect other societal attitudes.

Hark, a Vagrant continues with her gorgeous, funny retelling of Wuthering Heights.

A call for more steampunk about suffragettes – yes please!

Calapine writes a sweet and funny fic about what River Song’s honeymoon might be like – she gets the voices so right!

The Mary Sue discusses the awesomeness of Fringe’s Olivia Dunham – it’s so true.

Also, it’s 25 years since The Princess Bride! What’s your favourite quotable line?