Friday Links Strike a Pose

Pretty sure everyone on the internet has seen the latest feminist post by Jim C Hines, this time with him putting his male body through the bizarre poses displayed by women on various fantasy covers. Needless to say, he hurt himself in the attempt.

Malinda Lo riffs off a Kate Elliott post, talking about being a woman writer and still having to actively check your manuscripts to make sure the female characters are not being screwed over. I do this too! Did I accidentally kill off all the women in my book? Oh, crap. Rewrite!

NK Jemisin talks about why her editor, Devi Pillai of Orbit Books, should be considered for the Hugo race – she had me at ‘Paradol Protectorate’!

A lovely article about cosplaying the TARDIS, bringing steampunk into her design, and just how female the TARDIS is anyway. The cosplay/crossplay phenomenon as a feminist statement is something I never fail to find interesting, and the fannish craft evident in this post is awesome. I say this as someone who is planning to make two birthday cakes next week – a TARDIS and a Time Vortex.

Speaking of which, 3D TARDIS cookies are the best use I can think of for 3D printers…

The Guardian looks at the outpourings of mancrush inspired by the return of Thierry Henry to the Arsenal and questions why football is so institutionally anti-gay when, quite frankly, even the straightest of fannish football blokes are set all aflutter by certain men in certain shorts, scoring certain goals. It’s actually a slightly more serious article than I suggest here, and worth reading.

Some more criticism of Lego Friends (AKA Lego for girls) – in the Australian as well as over on the Mary Sue. Both articles are worth looking at for the extra dimension they add to this story – it really isn’t as simple as ‘Lego researched the hell out of this and gave girls exactly what they want’.

Sarah Rees Brennan answers a question about the current popularity of love triangles with – what else? A historical overview of love triangles.

Meanwhile Karen Healey takes on the popularity of the bromance and asks why the female equivalent (SROMANCE!) is so rare. Also she convinces me that I personally need to watch Josie and the Pussycats.

An interview with the new producer of Doctor Who, Caroline Skinner, with particular focus on her other hit TV show, ghost story The Fades.

Lee Battersby on his recent sale to Angry Robot, and the long road to get there.

The Boxcutters crew are trying to crowdsource a trip to the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

A post about why it is that celebrities fit their jeans better than anyone else – and no, it actually isn’t about being a size zero…