Friday Links the Squeeful Edition

It’s Black Friday (for Americans) and Doctor Who Day for everyone! Yes, 49 years ago today, a certain weird little science fiction show started on British TV. I’m already underway on my WHO-50 project to celebrate the fiftieth year, but in the mean time I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Doctor Who than to check out Kmasca’s awesome Doctor Who Barbie collection, costumes courtesy of the 1980’s Doctor Who Pattern Book.

I also squeed mightily this week when Love and Romanpunk was featured on the SF Squeecast. Thanks to Lynne and Seanan for saying such lovely things about my beloved purple book, and Twelfth Planet Press in general. I also really enjoyed listening to Paul Cornell raving about Quatermass, and what it contributed to British culture and SF television in general.

A powerful piece from Kyrax2, the writer and fan often referred to as ‘the Comicon Batgirl’ about what actually might be going on with the official DC antipathy towards the character of Stephanie Brown: We hear you, so shut up already!

Tim Coronel, former publisher of Bookseller and Publisher magazine, talks about the changing face of publishing, especially in Australia – some sobering and interesting stuff! – at the Wheeler Centre.

Meanwhile Joel Naoum from Momentum talks about what he thinks readers actually want from e-books – BOOKS, who’d have thought? Thanks Sean the Blogonaut for passing this link on, I think I will be reading this blog regularly now.

Speaking of Sean, he interviews Joe Abercrombie for Galactic Chat – if you missed Joe while he was travelling through Australia (or even if you didn’t) here’s a great chance to hear him speak.

Karen Healey wrote two essays as part of her ongoing series about Sleeping Beauty – Transformation & Codification (the Grimm Brothers & Tchaikovsky), and Disneyfication (well, guess!).

Cheryl Morgan blogged about the horrible misrepresentation of trans people in mainstream media on the Transgender Day of Remembrance – though happily the article in question was revised in response to complaints.

An important article (thanks Narrelle for pointing out this one!) about how judging women for their bodies goes both ways, and how thinness is often policed in our culture in unfair and unreasonable ways: An Apology to My Thinner Friend.

The BBC is producing a drama about the War of the Roses from the point of view of the women involved in the story, which sounds ambitious and amazing.

A six year old girl challenges Hasbro about the gender imbalance in Guess Who?, pointing out the real gender-based consequences of doing this in a game – ie it’s easier for her brother to win.

Lionsgate have had massive success this year with female-led action films. Here’s hoping this is treated seriously and not as a fluke.

Happy Doctor Who Day!!!

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