Friday Links Unbattens the Hatches

Okay, so apparently it’s tornado season in Hobart. Who knew? Please, no one tell my daughter that we apparently get tornadoes here now. She has a hard enough time dealing with thunderstorms. And snails.

As we batten our hatches for a night of horrible weather, never let it be said that I don’t provide entertainment! According to Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, who gave a great presentation at Genrecon on social media, the afternoons are the prime time for workers to be screwing around on the Internet. I feel very guilty for not enabling my Australian readers sufficiently because I’m late again!

EDIT: Spoke too soon about the weather, we’ve had our tornadoes and thunder & all is peaceful again. Aww, Hobart, you do love screwing with our heads.

The spectacular Narrelle M Harris emptied her brain beautifully into this blog post about halfway through Genrecon, and managed to capture a lot of things that I had forgotten to impart to others. *pats Narrelle’s brain*

After three years, the Australian Government has finally dropped their ridiculous plan to filter the entire Internet. One less thing for us to be embarrassed about our Government!

i09 talked about how fans can be responsible for destroying the franchise they love.

Blue Milk addresses the fascinating question of whether Australia is more feminist than the UK.

Random Alex reviews a biography of Emmeline Pankhurst and talks about the incredible history of the suffragettes.

Judy Chicago talks about her massively important art installation from the 70’s, The Dinner Party (I studied this at college and it blew my mind) and the reactions to it at the time & over the years.

Kameron Hurley talks about her favourite bit of new release Rapture.

I’ve really been enjoying the Bitch Magazine series on what can be learned about marriage, babies, abortion and the realities of fertility from the TV series Call the Midwife. The last entry, What Republicans Can Learn About Marriage From Call The Midwife, is spot on as always. Definitely something worth bookmarking for when people start reminiscing about ‘the good old days’.

Kaaron Warren is ‘Refreshing the Well’ over at her blog every day, which would be worth checking in on if you are a writer feeling a bit dry for inspiration. Nano-ites, run don’t walk!

A steampunk knitting book. If only I could knit something more complicated than squares!

Wonder Woman in an invisible mecha suit. Your argument is invalid.