Friday Links Wants A Dalek and a Novel Contract for Mother’s Day

Belle_posterAh, Mother’s Day, that time when our media and shopping spaces fill up with the assumption that “What Mum Wants” is a universal concept. Just once I’d love to see a ‘last minute gifts for Mum’ suggestion list that includes a kabuki sword, a new modem, and a chemistry set. Or maybe noise-cancelling earphones, and a new podcasting microphone. And a butler.

New historical film Belle about a wealthy, privileged woman of colour in Regency England (starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, AKA Martha’s sister Tish from Doctor Who) sounds really interesting. And look, it’s made by women of colour too! Bitch Magazine talks about how Belle takes on sexism, racism and class issues of the Regency, and the Mary Sue talks about why this movie is so important.

Terri is chronicling her latest Twelfth Planet Press macaron adventure. I’m biased, of course, but her Love and Romanpunk fig and port wine macarons are the best.

I don’t link to Buzzfeed a lot, but I love this piece where women have rewritten misogynist, mocking headlines about female celebrities, to reflect the actual non-gossip-magazine reality that most of us live in. I think I love “Woman runs in appropriate clothing” best, but you’ll have your own favourites.

Also Agent Carter has finally been picked up as a series, by the same network that makes Agents of SHIELD!

Joanne Harris (who recently published her first fantasy novel, The Gospels of Loki, as Joanne M Harris), talks about the phenomenon of men being given credit for women’s work and ideas, and the idea that women’s creative work must be ripping off men. Examples she cites are particularly charming, including not only that her novel must be capitalising on the Tom Hiddleston fandom, but also that her Chocolat sequels must be capitalising on the fans of Johnny Depp as opposed to the fans of her BESTSELLING FREAKING NOVEL.

“Given how many influential people (most of them male) are still disseminating the myth that women can’t get there on their own; that women are okay writing for women, but that men need something more durable; that women read (and write) commercial fiction, but that men write literature, we’re going to keep getting people making the same assumptions.The trickle-down effect of sexism in the book business will continue to apply, on Goodreads, on Twitter, in bookshops, on blogs.

How can we stop it?

Don’t let it go. Don’t assume that your voice isn’t worth listening to. Call people out when they talk crap instead of slinking sadly away.”

(Joanne Harris)

Foz Meadows responds to the recent John C Wright kerfuffle (and yes I chose that word QUITE deliberately, talk about making a flouncey mountain out of a molehill) with some incisive data, pointing out the many errors, deliberate or otherwise, in Mr Wright’s hyperbole.

Random Alex still loves Indiana Jones, but recognises what we all need to accept – he is very bad at his job. Her comparisons to Schliemann made me giggle.

Jenny Crusie writes sensible things about sex scenes, and their place in the novel. (hint: it depends on the novel)

Sarah Granger talks about the expectations building up around Daisy Ridley, the new Star Wars “Disney” Princess. Can she be for our kids’ generation what Princess Leia was? Or can we expect a slow-burning disappointment of Padme proportions?

This is why The Addams Family are the best television family.

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  1. Foz has been on fire recently. Really deserves that nomination.

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