Friday Links Wants to be BFFs Forever

I generally try not to get excited about TV shows before they happen, despite that being one of the main themes of the internet, but Lauren Faust (new My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls) is creating a series of DC Shorts entitled Super Best Friends Forever, featuring Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl. And I think this is the cartoon I have been longing for! Sure, it’s going to be girly as hell. That’s the ENTIRE POINT. There’s enough Batman/superhero related material out there with only occasional girl cooties in it. I am hugging this one to my chest.

Possibly I’m also going to share it with my daughters. But only if they’re good.

Tehani at the Book Nut talks about the new TV series Outland, some of the more curmudgeonly criticisms of the show coming from some corners of Australian fandom, and how it has made her reassess her own fannish identity. You can be a fan without the seal of approval from fandom! People express their fannishness differently! These should not be revolutionary ideas, and yet…

The new TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries starts tonight on The ABC! I’m excited because I’ve been reading the Phryne Fisher books for years, and it looks like a great production. Author Kerry Greenwood talks about her relationship with the production crew, and her experience playing an extra on screen.

Tiger Beatdown on Even Housemaids Get the Blues: Compulsory Heterosexuality in Downton Abbey. (spoilers for season 2) I’ve found the Daisy/William storyline in that show surprisingly subtle and complex considering that it’s REALLY not a subtle show, and that it sums up beautifully the historical attitude to marriage, and poor Daisy’s conveyor belt route through guilt and obligation to marry someone she doesn’t love, simply because he asked, everyone else thinks it’s romantic, and she has no personal power to fight them all, being the lowest rung in the house. The exploration of this in the article and the way her experience can be coded queer is fascinating!

Remember Pottermore? The website that was going to revolutionise the marketing of ebooks and the relationship between readers and the books they love? Yeah, it’s still not ready. But apparently it’s pretty.

We mentioned this on Galactic Suburbia but it’s still awesome – Kaaron Warren nominated for a Stoker award!

Meanwhile, Deborah Biancotti writes 80K in a month (GO DEB) and tells us how to do it too. It’s at least partly tongue in cheek, guys, no one quit their job because of this post, please! (unless you really hate your job)

Famous male novelist Jonathan Franzen looks at historically famous female novelist Edith Wharton and finds her hard to relate to and also, not pretty enough. Oh, Franzen.

Even even more cranky-making news, the story of a female game producer who is still receiving appalling abuse for a (quite sensible) suggestion she made years ago, about making games more appealing to those who are more interested in the narrative than the fight sequences. Oh, gaming community.

The Doctor Her blog is well underway. Some fabulous essays so far:
My Dad, John Barrowman and Me: How Doctor Who Helped Me To Come Out, by Amy
Amy Pond and Steven Moffat’s Babies, by Ritch Ludlow
Women Who Waited (portrayal of older women on Doctor Who), by Cathannabel
If The Doctor Were a Woman: A Queerer Doctor Who, by Ritch Ludlow
(and when I asked which actress you would cast as a female Doctor, the comments absolutely delighted me – so many awesome women who could play the part!)

To close, one of the best recent explorations & explanations of the Bechdel Test, how it works, where it falls down, and how to make it better when assessing films:

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  1. Marg says:

    Just realised that I forgot to set the recorder for the Miss Fisher series and I am out! Dammit.

  2. tansyrr says:

    That’s what iView is for! Love the iView.

  3. Thoraiya says:

    “While the publicity gained through Oprah’s book club certainly helped The Corrections readership, it was also a source of some anxiety for Franzen.

    “So much of reading is sustained in this country, I think, by the fact that women read while men are off golfing or watching football on TV or playing with their flight simulator…I continue to believe that, and now, I’m actually at the point with this book that I worry…I had some hope of actually reaching a male audience, and I’ve heard more than one reader in signing lines now in book stores that said, “If I hadn’t heard you, I would have been put off by the fact that it is an Oprah pick. I figure those books are for women and I would never touch it.” Those are male readers speaking. So, I’m a little confused about the whole thing now.””


    The gaming one is pretty vomit-making, too.

    But thanks for Friday links, Tansy!

    And…Pottermore is GREAT. If it was more like a game, it wouldn’t be a companion to the books any more, now would it? It would be a game. RAVENCLAW FTW


  4. tansyrr says:

    Pottermore might be great, but they’re still not letting in the general public, only those who signed up for early membership. Which suggests it’s not ready…

  5. Thoraiya says:

    No. The duelling section has crashed quite a few times, and so has the potions section. Sometimes it can take one or two minutes to turn to the next “page” in the “book”.

    When they asked for my feedback, I wrote: MORE SERVERS BETTER SERVERS MORE SERVERS.

    Which is all well and good to ask for when you’re getting it for free. It’s not like a subscription online game where they can pay for MORESERVERS with the subscription money!

    (Tansy’s gonna be in HUFFLEPUFF)

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