Friday Links Will Sell Superheroes To Little Girls

Remember this Shortpacked strip about a little girl called Lucy who loved the character Starfire in the Teen Titans cartoon, and her disgust at the ‘new reader friendly’ comic that rebooted the character in such a sexist and horrendous way?

It’s the page that got me interested in Shortpacked as a comic (I’m currently embarking on my second re-read of the 7 years of toy-selling soap shenanigans and dipping my feet into the associated comics). I am thoroughly addicted to the characters, and while the humour can dip into the tasteless & the occasionally gross, it is balanced out by some great characterisation, a madly diverse cast, and some very sharp and witty exploration of feminist issues in science fiction, comics and toy merchandising.

Lucy is all grown up now, and has just been introduced as a new character in the comic. Here’s her job interview. It makes me happy.

Nisi Shawl writes about steampunk, and her novel-in-progress. Steampunk has come under fire in recent years for its romanticisation of history particularly where it comes to colonial & other racial issues, so it’s always interesting to me to hear of different takes on the genre.

Did I mention that it’s steampunk week at Another great post comes from Lisa Hager, on Queer Cogs: Steampunk, Gender Identity, and Sexuality.

Seanan Maguire wrote a really interesting post this week in reaction to a reader asking when (not if) her female characters were going to get raped, and suggesting it was inauthentic of her to not let that happen.

Eclipse is back! Jonathan Strahan is relaunching his popular & critically acclaimed anthology series as a monthly webzine, via Nightshade Books.

The Avengers have a tea party on a little girl’s birthday cake – and I suspect it might well be in the running for best birthday cake ever.

Big Finish Audio are experimenting with some new pricing models, so now is a great time to check them out. Some cool pre-orders (all new series or great jumping on points) are listed here, but take especial note of the two Sixth Doctor Travels With Jago and Litefoot plays at the pre-order price of $1 each (I think 1 pound in the UK, but I only see Aus prices): Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New World. They’re also launching a new Dorian Gray series this month, with the first play in the series available for pre-order at $3.50 (Aus).

Ragnell talks about why the first issue of Sword and Sorcery (the return of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld) represents some of the larger problematic issues in geek culture right now. She takes on the troubling fictional meme that the footballers (and cheerleaders) are always the morally bankrupt ones, and that jocks are more likely to commit sexual assault than geeks.

The Frisky roll their eyes at the idea that Pinterest is destroying feminism by allowing women to pin pictures of things they like, including recipes and fashion. THOSE MONSTERS.

i09 list some kickass women from the archives of Marvel Comics who could and should feature in Joss Whedon’s new SHIELD series.