Galactic Suburbia 29

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In which we rant about feminist issues and gender disparity (are you shocked?), Alisa proclaims the death of bookstores and publishing, we look at branding and internet dramah, plus a million zillion award shortlists, TANSY BEING A TIPTREE JUDGE, a Swancon preview, and… um. It’s a bit long. But full of crunchy Galactic Suburbian goodness.


Diana Wynne Jones passed away, many people said good things about her on the internet

Shaun Tan wins the Astrid Lindgren Award
Guardian coverage; Shaun’s personal take on the award

Carol Emshwiller’s 90th birthday celebrations

25 A&R franchises in Australia go indie
(apologies original link vanished)

Strange Horizons – dealing with the low numbers of female reviewers
Original post, counting up numbers of female reviewers and women’s books reviewed in SF markets

The Age on the poor numbers of women’s work being reviewed (in the literary “mainstream”)
and coverage of a panel on the gender disparity, again in literary mainstream

Prometheus Awards nominees, from the Libertarian Futurist Society:

Running Press, Tricia Telep and Jessica Verday


Aurealis Awards:
Tin Ducks:
Chronos Awards:

Livejournal not so live this week – AK has existential crisis about blogging & identity.

Aishwarya, Kaia, Adam

Competition winners!

Swancon Preview
Our live panel is 9:30 am on the Easter Sunday, bring coffee!

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  1. Thoraiya says:

    After your little talk about abandoning livejournal, I am officially changing the “Tansy” shortcut in my IE favourites from Velvet Threads to this Stitchy Wordy one.


    P.S. Raeli rocks Bwahaha

  2. tansyrr says:

    Thank you!

    I rather think she does as well. 😀

  3. I noticed quite a few authors were on livejournal as an outsider/non user it looked dead as a platform when I visited sites

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