Galactic Suburbia Episode 31 Show Notes

There’s a new ep up! Yes, already. This is the one with the things in it we couldn’t quite squeeze into our live episode. Grab it from iTunes, by direct download or stream it on the site.


In which we do a quick (ha) awards round up and squee about the Swancon that was.


We wanted you to read this review and be appalled
An issue to be addressed that we want more women reviewed … but not like that.
(but then they edited the review out from under us, so you can be appalled by that instead)

Hugo nominees have been released.

Ditmar, Tin Duck & other Australian award winners (including us!)

Wanted to draw attention to when Tansy won the Atheling and Grant Stone as MC said she was the first woman (invisibility of women)

1979 – Susan Wood, “Women and Science Fiction”, Algol 33, 1978
2007 – Justine Larbalestier for Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century
2009 – Kim Wilkins, for “Popular genres and the Australian literary community: the case of fantasy fiction”
2010 – Helen Merrick for The Secret Feminist Cabal: a cultural history of science fiction feminisms (Aqueduct Press)

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