Galactic Suburbia Episode 45 Show Notes

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In which Alex and Tansy wax lyrical about Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing (despite knowing next to nothing about it), welcome the new Apex overlord Lynne Thomas, celebrate the twin dawns of All Hallows Read and Nanowrimo, and embark upon an epic marathon of Culture Consumed.


Joss Whedon makes Much Ado About Nothing in secret
at first we knew next to nothing
then we knew something
and every new bit of something brings squeeage!

Harry Potter DVDs to disappear from the shelves after Christmas (and Tansy’s still not over the whole Disney revelation)

Lynne Thomas’ first issue of Apex comes out next week featuring an article by Tansy on The Australian Dark Weird.
As the new editor, Lynne talks about what she wants from authors at Outer Alliance

The lack of (paid) women reviewers (in the lit scene) continues to dismay and fascinate us in equal measure.

All Hallows Read is upon us
And if you’re going to gift a scary book to someone, why not make it Australian?

Nanowrimo is imminent!

What Culture Have we Consumed?

Tansy: Zoo City by Lauren Beukes
Alex: Life on Mars S2
Tansy: Bumped by Megan McCafferty
Alex: Obernewtyn, The Farseekers, and Ashling, by Isobelle Carmody
Tansy: Debris by Jo Anderton
Alex: God’s War, Kameron Hurley
Tansy: Marvel’s Ultimate Universe: Ultimate Spiderman, Ultimate X-Men, The Ultimates
Alex: Shadow Unit
Tansy: Big Finish and Mary Shelley: Mary’s Story (for 99p) & The Silver Turk.

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2 replies on “Galactic Suburbia Episode 45 Show Notes”

  1. Caroline says:

    On the discovering Marvel and not yet having found your X-Men, have you tried 1602? It was a short series, now collected in a single graphic novel, written by Gaiman with the Marvel characters back in 1602, set in the Elizabethan court and a colony in Virginia. As someone not familiar with the Marvel characters (also not much of a comics reader in general) I loved it. It doesn’t have the darkness that I find a bit icky in some Gaiman. There are female characters, but it’s predominantly male, and I read it before I was noticing these things, so not sure if it’s faily at all.

  2. tansyrr says:

    I have it in a stack from the library waiting for me! Hopefully can discuss it on a future episode.

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