Girl Reporter – cover reveal today!

I’m in the Mary Sue!! How awesome is that? My piece on the queer YA “revolution” (you know, that thing that’s been happening in YA fiction for quite a while now) and my brand new superhero novella Girl Reporter went up today along with a first look at the gorgeous cover art by Emma Glaze:

The Queer YA Revolution Continues: Girl Reporter Cover Reveal

I’m so excited for everyone to read this book about modern day superhero myths and Millennial media!!!! You can’t read it yet, but Girl Reporter is available for pre-order on Amazon. And if you simply can’t wait until December 19, you can fill in a bit of the time by checking out my first two superhero stories in the same series: “Cookie Cutter Superhero” in the fabulous YA anthology Kaleidoscope, and “Kid Dark Against the Machine” as a standalone ebook.

You don’t have to have read either of those stories to enjoy Girl Reporter, but both Joey of CCS and Griff/Kid Dark of KDAtM have significant roles in Girl Reporter along with other fan favourites like The Dark and Astra. So as Alisa said (will say) on the next episode of Galactic Suburbia, why wouldn’t you read those stories too?