Happy Birthday Agatha Christie

This month would have marked the 120th birthday of legendary crime writer Agatha Christie. Even more cool, Jane Asher has designed a death-by-cake in honour of the anniversary.

I have a lot of time for Mrs Christie – one of the most iconic working writers of the 20th century. Her books are short, smart and great fun, and I read many of them as a child. I was also strongly influenced by the Joan Hickson Miss Marple telemovies in the late eighties, which had fantastic casts though I do much prefer the more recent Geraldine McEwan version of the character.

My favourite Christie of all time is Sleeping Murder, though I also have a soft spot for the ABC Murders and The Body in the Library.

It occasionally bothers me that I haven’t read many of the most famous Christie novels, especially the Poirots, as I much preferred the Miss Marples in my high detective-reading days. And I’ve never read a single Tommy and Tuppence! Indeed, I occasionally have the fleeting thought (I gave serious consideration to this only a few days ago) that I really should just suck it up and read all of them, in chronological order. What can I say, I’m a completionist!

Sure, there are 80 of them, but they’re quite short, and it would provide me with a lot of blog content.

Maybe I could do a readathon type thing next year, when I’m not doing any awards reading, raise money for charity or something. Hmm. It is a thought.