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155px-hugoawardLots of discussion about the Hugos this year! Hardly surprising since it’s a more-chaotic-than-usual blend of joy and WTFery. Something for everyone, right?

I’ll point you again to the great chat I had on the Coode Street podcast with Jonathan, Gary and John DeNardo of SF Signal – we went into the bloc/slate voting issue and talked about the ballot in quite a lot of depth.

Liz Bourke, nominee on the awesome Best Fan Writer list this year, talks about her own reactions to the ballot, and why she’s voting for Abigail Nussbaum. She particularly goes into some of the gender issues that I also talked about on Coode Street, with a special shout out for the shifting Best Professional Artist category. Finally, some balance!

Abigail Nussbaum shares her own response to this year’s ballot, and her nomination as Best Fan Writer.

Natalie Luhrs at the Radish shares her conflicted feelings, with bonus GIF illustrations. Thanks to the shitstorm that followed in the comments section of her blog, she wrote a follow up about daring to speak up about issues in the community that concern her – and why it’s so important to talk loudly about things that upset you.

Doctor Who News reports on all the Doctor Who themed nominees, including some charming quotes from Steven Moffat who joins me in wanting Peter Davison to win the Hugo this year for The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

Tor announces that the entirety of Wheel of Time will be in this year’s Hugo packet, free to voting members. Whoa! I know that many readers like me will want to burst into tears rather than cheer at the thought of receiving quite so many free books with bonus pressure to read them in just a couple of months, but despite that I think it’s really cool of them as a publisher to make that gesture.

Ian Mond from The Writer and the Critic is quite pleased to be nominated in the Best Fancast category. That might be a slight understatement. Go, Mondy & Kirstyn!

The Verity! crew are also delighted to be nominated in this category – if you’ve never listened to Verity! before, check out our welcome post and list of favourite episodes from last year.

John Scalzi shared some Hugo thoughts, first briefly and then at greater length to address whether or not this year’s shortlist was “rigged.” (short answer: no it wasn’t, technically, but that doesn’t mean we have to like how some of the works arrived upon it)

Carrie Cuinn talks about what she’s voting for, and has some sensible words about the Hugos. Vote for the thing you like best, that’s the point of it all!

Many other people have said many things about this shortlist, some of which I agree with and some of which I really don’t. Add links in the comments to other posts you think we should be reading!

ADDED: Jim Hines lays out why the Hugo issue is more complicated than just ‘bloc voting is bad!’. I also recommend you read down the comments far enough to see Laura Resnick’s take on the issue.

ADDED: Bibliodaze on Vox Day and the Hugos – Why We Should Just Say No.

ADDED: The Ferrett on The Problem With the Hugo Awards and “Shouldn’t It Be About the Work? On White Dudes Getting Award Nominations.

ADDED: Mary Robinette Kowal on The Hugos and Voting For the Love

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