Hugo Nominations are Shiny!

Another year, another Hugo shortlist. There’s so much to talk about! I was simply bursting with opinions as I read through it this morning, and so I was really pleased to be snapped up by Jonathan Strahan to share some of those opinions with him, Gary K Wolfe and John De Nardo of SF Signal over at the Coode Street Podcast.

Sadly thanks to family plans, technical difficulties and a conversation that lasted way longer than we intended, I had to run away shortly after the Editor categories and so wasn’t able to share my major opinions about Professional Artist, Fanzine, Fancast and of course the category that I won last year, Best Fan Writer (well actually I did note my opinion on that one in the intro to the podcast, referring to that particular shortlist as a thing of beauty).

Tune in anyway to hear me champion Wheel of Time’s place on the ballot, squee about the sheer bonkers variety in the Best Related Work category, and begin my dedicated campaign to getting Peter Davison a Hugo. Come on, you know it makes sense.

I was delighted that both Galactic Suburbia and Verity were nominated in Best Fancast – and imagine my surprise to learn that we were in a shortlist of seven instead of the usual five! Very pleased to see our friends and fellow Australians the Writer and the Critic join us in the most fun category of all, and for fellow veterans Coode Street and SF Signal to hang in there with us. Also welcome to two more cheery travellers, Emma Newman’s Tea and Jeopardy (the only podcast with a butler, as far as I’m aware – more of us should follow in her footsteps) and the lovely Skiffy and Fanty crew. Hooray for Fancast! And thanks so much to those who nominated, helping to support this new and occasionally unappreciated category.

I’m still catching up on Hugo commentary, controversy and gossip – gathering links etc. I’ll put a post up in a day or two, and hopefully we’ll be doing a Galactic Suburbia chat about the shortlist in depth too (the episode that goes up later tonight only briefly mentions it as it was recorded when we knew we were nommed but not who else was).

In the mean time, though, let’s just have another look at the glory that is this year’s Best Fan Writer category:

Liz Bourke
Kameron Hurley
Foz Meadows
Abigail Nussbaum
Mark Oshiro


I am very happy that I’ll be at Loncon this year, representing Galactic Suburbia and Verity, and that I won’t be the only member of either podcast there!

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  1. Margo says:

    Congratulations X 2, Tansy! So great to see all those Australian podcasts on the list.

  2. Yes double congrats. It means I can be really interested in the Hugo’s this year

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