I, Friday Links

Kathleen Jennings’ excellent Dalek game continues apace, and she recently produced a new favourite for me – daleks rocking the romanpunk with an I, Claudius parody.

An eye-opening post about the kind of hardcore harassment experienced by women in tech industries, and those who blog about geek feminism.

Colleen Mondor at Chasing Ray calls bullshit about the troubling behaviour of Amazon as they launch their new publishing imprints, and how the spin that publishers are “running scared” of Amazon’s attempt at a publishing monopoly serve to underplay some of the important author rights that are being eroded, and deliberately left out of the equation.

Sarah Rees Brennan goes Gothic
, and talks about how she stopped worrying and learned to love the spooky houses, plucky protagonists and turns her inimitable parody summary style on Gothic classic novel The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe.

YOUR BOYFRIEND: is tall, dark, sinister, looming, maybe trying to kill you, definitely has secrets
YOUR BOYFRIEND: is a house, which is just another of many problems in your relationship

Speaking of historical houses, my new favourite Tumblr to follow is Chirravutever thanks to her fantastic chibi-style Downton Abbey drawings and cartoons. Many spoilers for Season 2, so don’t check it out unless you’re up to date (you reallly don’t want to be spoiled) but if you are watching the show, these pics are so happymaking.

A mostly unspoilery example:

Tor.com posts a plea for more realistic depictions of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting in SF.

Some reveals of new Vertigo titles, most of which excited the socks off me. Some interesting creators, and very interesting concepts. The Paul Cornell one looks cool, as does the little Polish girl in the middle of wartorn Europe comic, plus Holly Black, plus an all-women-characters Fables spin off that’s almost tempting enough for me to check them out again. So… do Vertigo do day and date release on ComiXology too?

It’s all about me: I talk about whether writing is art or craft over at the Battersblog, and Jeff VanderMeer posts a shout out to the first three Twelve Planets books (with a great group photo) over at his blog.

Great panel round up on the topic of what makes a kick ass teenage girl heroine, with Tamora Pierce, Esther Friesner and Caitlin Kittredge.

Last time I tried to show Raeli Maid Marian and her Merry Men, she was bored and didn’t get it – but this time it’s been a huge success! What a difference a year (and a bunch of Robin Hood pop culture) makes. She’s now quite obsessive about this fantastic show.