I’m the Bloody Queen, Basically I Rule

What a difference a weekend can make. Check that – what a difference a weekend in which one’s five-year-old is being entertained elsewhere can make!

I ripped through the last thirty chapters of edits on Saturday, and spent Sunday cleaning up the manuscript, checking & creating timelines, compiling & checking the final doc, etc. I emailed the whole thing back to the publishers early this morning, once my brain was together enough to compose an email.

The structural edits were due back this Tuesday, and given that I was so far behind that I thought I was going to be working right up to either 5pm or midnight, depending on how desperate things were (only a few days ago I was seriously considering asking for an extension, gah) I have ended up two days ahead of myself. And you know what that means?

When I am not dancing the Charleston, I will be cleaning the house and reading books. I have spent the last several weeks longing for a day in which I can just clean the house and read books.

Later in the week, I get to return to Book Three! Huzzah! The trick is to do it soon, before it stops becoming an illicit treat and starts feeling like a chore again. But not today.


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