Issue #1: Bombshells (2015)

DC-Comics-BombshellsTitle: Bombshells #1

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Marguerite Sauvage

The Buzz: This one got a lot of attention around the feminist comicsverse, for the gorgeous retro art and the all-female creative team.

All You Need To Know: Bombshell art (AKA sexy retro 40’s fashion) versions of female superheroes is a common trend for variant covers, fan art, cosplay and statuettes. Like the Ame-Comi run, this digital comic combines a female-centred superhero universe with a particular art aesthetic to create truly original stories.

Story: In “Enlisted,” Kate Kane’s Batwoman is envisaged as a League of Her Own style baseball-themed vigilante who smashes her opponents on and off the batting diamond. While the men of Gotham City are off fighting in World War II, the women back home are taking over their old jobs – including the baseball league, and fighting crime. We not only get Kate and her adorable sidekick Bette in what has to be my favourite version of these characters (yes, I mean it) but also an established romantic relationship between Kate and private detective Maggie Sawyer.

Batwoman_32In this first issue, Batwoman not only (casually) saves Bruce Wayne’s parents thereby ensuring no need for there ever to be a Batman, she also snuggles with and swaps puns with her sweetie, and beats up a bunch of dudes. As if this wasn’t fun and awesome enough, we also get a brilliant “totally not Nick Fury cos better dressed” cameo by Amanda Waller at the end.

Art: Retro and fabulous, with a cheeky sense of humour.

But What Did I Miss?: Nothing if you start with Issue 1! Each story is told over 3 mini-issues, like many of the digital comics these days. Future stories will feature Bombshell Forties Wonder Woman and Bombshell Forties Supergirl, among others.

Would Read Issue 2?: Yep, already got a bunch of them cued up. I do love DC’s digital line, it’s been consistently fun and inventive for the last few years.

Read it if you Like: Ame-Comi Girls, A League of Her Own, Agent Carter, Batwoman

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