Issue #1 – Curb Stomp (2015)

curb stompTitle: Curb Stomp #1

Writer: Ryan Ferrier

Artist: Devaki Neogi

The Buzz: Ferrier describes it as a timeless street gang story – not quite now, not quite 1980’s, but definitely punk rock. The book was launched by Boom! Studios as part of their general strategy to put more books out there for female audiences – along with Lumberjanes, Bee and Puppycat, and Butterfly.

All You Need To Know: Punk rock girl gangs, diverse cast of characters, brutal suburban violence, and a roller-derby style community of women protecting their own turf.

Story: Machete Betty leads The Fever, an all-female gang (her fellow warriors are called Derby Girl, Bloody Mary, Daisy Chain & Violet Volt) who protect Old Beach, a down and out borough near a wealthy city – when they’re not drinking shots, caring for their families and singing in a rock band. Betty kills a rival gang member in self defence, and the Wrath come demanding a Fever life in return.

I like this a lot – it’s a hard edged story about violence and protection with women at the centre. I especially appreciated that we got glimpses of the women’s life beyond the night clubs and the street violence – many of them have to juggle family responsibilities with their work. It’s a story about chosen family, and the physical capabilities of women pushed to the edge. The ‘timeless’ nature of the setting gives it something of an original Mad Max, post-apocalyptic feel.

Art: The Love and Rockets style art is the star of the show – it has a retro 80’s tone to it with a range of realistic body types and emphasis on facial character. Oh and a whole lot of punk rock, with fierce hair and grunge fashion. The story is about violence but the more extreme acts are presented far more tastefully than I would normally expect in comics – and I love the way that the women’s fighting styles are framed, showing them from positions of strength and power and extreme competence.

But What Did I Miss?: This is the first of a four part mini series, no preparation required.

Would Read Issue 2?: I think I will – the tone is a bit too far on the side of grimdark for me personally, but there’s a lot to appreciate here and it’s only 4 issues so I think it’s worth seeing where it will take me.

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