Issue #1: Loki, Agent of Asgard (2014)

Loki_Agent_of_Asgard_Vol_1_1_TextlessTitle: Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 (2014)

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Lee Garbett, Jenny Frison (cover)

The Buzz: Some great covers, but I hadn’t heard much about this except that it follows teenage Loki after the Young Avengers series, and there’s a cool chick called Verity in it that the fanfic writers seem fond of. This was one of the first comics I tried out with my Marvel Unlimited subscription!

All You Need To Know: Loki is the god of mischief from Norse mythology, and has been a villain in the Marvel Universe for decades. Previously, Loki died, then came back as a kid, then another version of his kid self killed his kid self, then he joined the Young Avengers, aged up to late teens to get a handle on his magic, and learned to love bacon.

Story: I love the premise for this so much, I can’t even tell you. Loki is trying to control his destiny despite his long history as a villain, and is performing missions as an ‘Agent of Asgard’, working for the three goddesses currently ruling their world as the All Mother. His payment is that for every successful mission, they will destroy one of their cultures many stories about what a dick he used to be. This particular issue brings Loki back in conflict with his estranged brother Thor and the Avengers – and, for once, he’s not trying to be the bad guy. BUT THEY DON’T KNOW THAT. There’s also a gorgeous page of Hawkeye and Natasha hanging out which is one of my favourite sequences of them of all time (sometimes things just happen, Nat!)

one directiony

Art: A great mix of traditional superhero style and modern characterisation – very dynamic, with great faces. I also really appreciate the nods to the non-straight-male gaze, with Loki being handsome in all kinds of different and varied ways. Including shower scenes, just saying.

But What Did I Miss?: The Young Loki run in Journey Into Mystery is critically acclaimed but I tried to get into it and just couldn’t. I loved his depiction in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers Vol. 2, which sets this series up nicely. But I think this also works as a good starting point, so don’t think you have to be all Loki’d up beforehand.


Would Read Issue 2?: YES, because I already did. That’s the speed dating issue where Verity is introduced, and she is amazing and I love her. Loki needs a friend, and a sarcastic indie girl who can’t be lied to is the perfect character to balance him out. Also future issues (I read a lot at once) bring us heists, Amora, and a version of Siegfried that is now my personal canon forever and always. I’ve already ordered two trades of this so as you can see, that whole money saving thing of Marvel Unlimited is working out GREAT.

Read it if you Like: Young Avengers, Norse myths, Leverage and Tom Hiddleston.

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