Issue #1 – Operation: S.I.N.

Operation_S.I.N._1_CoverApparently it’s Agent Peggy Carter Week in this household. LIKE EVERY WEEK.

Title: Operation: S.I.N. #1 (of 5)

Writer: Kathryn Immonen

Artist: Rich Ellis

The Buzz: This mini-series is another one I hadn’t heard anything about before it popped up on Comixology but it’s pretty clear that this 1950’s espionage comic featuring the double act of Agent Peggy Carter and playboy scientist Howard Stark is designed to appeal to fans of the Agent Carter TV show. Check out this interview with writer Kathryn Immonen.

All You Need To Know: Peggy Carter was a secret agent working for the US government during World War II and beyond. She’s amazing. Howard is a genius millionaire inventor and kind of an asshole, but he’s smart enough to value Peggy’s skills as an operative. If you’ve seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of these characters in Captain America: The First Avenger, or in Agent Carter, then there are no surprises here except that comics Peggy is blonde.

Story: It’s 1952. Howard lures a semi-retired Peggy into adventure by blowing up her house and promising that exciting things are happening in Russia. She refuses, but goes to Russia anyway because ADVENTURE. There are hijinks, aliens, spies and glamorous 50’s fashions, not to mention the tantalising possibility of Peggy punching Howard in the face at any moment. Also, banter and tailored slacks.

peggy resumeArt: Once I got over the whole thing with Peggy being blonde (I just realised I have literally never seen a comic depicting Peggy Carter before this), I really enjoyed the noir movie style, the muted colour palette and the adorable, elegant fashions. Not to mention the glam covers. Peggy wears PEARLS AND GLOVES when visiting Howard’s office. The character faces are lovely, very expressive, and apart from the blonde thing (it took me so long to get over this it’s almost embarrassing) fit very clearly with my idea of these characters from the MCU. Overall this has the feeling of a vintage comic with less overt sexism than the originals, which is pretty great.(okay there are several pages in which Peggy fights off an intruder in a skimpy nightie and a headscarf, but the positioning in these scenes is genuinely awesome – emphasising her strength and capability as much as her bare thighs)

But What Did I Miss?: Apparently Operation: S.I.N ties into a 2014 Marvel comics event called Original Sin but apart from having one character in common I don’t know much about how they connect. Guess what – you don’t need to either!

Would Read Issue 2?: It has a picture of Peggy punching Howard on the front cover, plus bear fighting. I am going to read this comic like no comic has been read before!

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