Jellybean Sick Day

Home for the second day in a row with a flu-sick seven year old. It’s not fun. Poor thing has high temperatures and even higher misery levels. At least yesterday, Jem was at daycare, but today she’s home, she’s cranky and bored because her sister is a whole lot of no fun, and she feels ripped off because she was expecting a fun day of Glammer adventures today (I told my mum to stay away from the quarantine zone).

All this, and Raeli missed school pictures today too! We’re all pretty blah.

So the house is on full sick day mode – the freezer is full of homemade icy poles, the larder is overflowing with croissants and jelly beans (essential supplies, along with lemon squash and butter menthols) and I’ve cracked out the new Young Justice DVD I picked up from Big W the other day. It’s pretty good so far, though… gender issues ahoy! I look forward to when their lineup gets a bit more balance in it. One girl is not enough, especially when she isn’t introduced until after ALL the boys.

I find it interesting what Raeli chooses to watch as her nostalgic TV therapy while sick. It’s been movie after movie – The Lion King and Strictly Ballroom yesterday, Mary Poppins and Enchanted today.

When not fetching and carrying for the glum girls, I’ve been mainlining Parks and Recreation, which I have been resisting for far too long. This sitcom, based in local government and featuring (and starring) Amy Poehler, is cynical, subversive and brilliant. The first season was okay, but I didn’t love it yet. By the second, I was well and truly hooked. Leslie Knope is a great example of a feminist character – she’s flawed and complex and fun and sweet, but totally capable of being a bitch, a hard-ass and a clown. I love that her overwhelming optimism is portrayed as something of a character flaw, but one her friends are willing to tolerate in her. Great characters, great dialogue. I am sad I’m almost caught up.

I managed to write yesterday, quite a lot, despite sick child and exhaustion from being woken up way too early by said sick child. Not so much today.

I want to clean the house. A sure sign of something, I’m not sure what. Either that winter is crawling towards its end (the wattle is out, that means the worst is over, right?), or just that I’ve been too slack lately and need to do something about it.

It’s not too early for spring cleaning, right?