Justice League America Issue 30: Teenage Biker Mega-Death! (September 1989)

THE PACKAGING: JLI trade vol 4

THE CREATIVE TEAM: Keith Giffen (Plot & Breakdowns), J.M. DeMatteis (Script), Bill Willingham (Pencils), Joe Rubenstein (Inks), Gene D’Angelo (Colors), Andy Helfer (Editor) Kevin Dooley (Assistant Editor)

JUSTICE LEAGUE ROLL CALL: Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Fire, Oberon & Maxwell Lord

GUEST STARS: The Huntress is starting to make a habit of this.

THE STORY: A biker punk has seized the all-powerful mega-rod that Big Barda left in her car. Overwhelmed by the psychic force of the dark energies of Apokolips, he starts a wave of destruction that takes out his friends, a dozen police officers, and a good chunk of the Bronx.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda put up a good fight, trying to convince the kid to surrender the weapons which is warping him as much as empowering him, but he takes them out — eventually it’s down to an uncertain Fire, still figuring out her new powers, and a passing Huntress, to take him out.

Scott is dismayed when the mega-rod destroys what’s left of the “punk” but is impressed with the Huntress’s work. He convinces Max to give her a shot in the League despite her loner status… and when Helena turns down Max’s offer, he whammies her with his superpower, giving himself a bloody nose as well as a brand new member of Justice League America.

Max, do we need to send you to the harassment seminar on consent in the workplace again?

THE CHARACTERS: We learn quite a bit about Barda in this one — that the reason she can be trusted to wield the sinister mega-rod is because her training and strength of will allows her to resist the call to serve Apololips. But it must be a temptation for her, every time she uses it.

Fire meanwhile is finding out her own limitations and lack thereof – in a shocking twist, she discovers that her body is insubstantial when she is in her fire form, something that I’m pretty sure is never ever mentioned again.

Yay Huntress! I love all forms of this character, and a cynical Helena Bertinelli may be exactly what this comic needs.

THE COMEDY: The usual sly wit undercutting the heroic narrative, just how I like it.

THE ART: I’m not generally a fan of Willingham but I like his Helena a lot, and his Big Barda is a lot more powerful looking than she was under Templeton’s pencil. Fire looks great on these pages, even if there’s a lot more attention paid to the buildings than the people

THE KITCHEN SINK: Make Barda a regular teammate already.

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