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Author Reading 1Okay, it’s two days later and I really should have blogged about my book launch by now. After a stressful week (most caused by couriers not getting books to the bookshop until the eleventh hour) we actually had a lovely day, leading up to a splendid if exhausting evening.

Many friends, family and general readers gathered at the Hobart Bookshop (as the rain started outside) for wine and book buying – the most common lament I heard was from people who haven’t been there for a while and were greatly distressed at how many beautiful, tempting books were on display. So yay, I’m pretty sure it was worth Chris and Janet’s while to work late that day… if nothing else, you can count on my people to be bibliophiles.

Tehani did a great job of MCing, and Stephanie Smith launched the book with a very sweet and heartfelt speech about the connections between fantasy and crime fiction, and her impressions of Tasmania when she moved here last year – in fact I only realised on the night that both of my support crew are very recent Tasmanians!

There was much wine drinking, laughing and chatting. I get so anxious about these events ahead of time and there’s really no reason – they always go splendidly. As usual I forgot to count heads, but I reckon we had a good 40 people there and I signed over 20 books. Including one to Scott in the US, hi, Scott! *waves*


It was rather lovely to see the new Livia book side by side with a display of the Creature Court books – and some of those sold too!


The children were very well behaved, considering. The kids corner at the back was brilliant, and the horde of children who attended managed to entertain themselves for the most part. Every time I looked up while we were doing our presentation, Tehani’s little baby D was being held by a different one of our friends! He was marvellously unfazed considering he had not met most of them before! Jem had a couple of minor fusses and one panic attack when the crowd got too much for her (she’s so much shorter than everyone in that shop!) but for the most part it was smooth sailing.


I have published my speech (or at least the version I prepared – I deviated a bit from the script) over on the Livia Day website, so you can check it out if you’re interested.

When we were driving home after grabbing dinner with friends (a stupidly long table, involving many hungry cranky children), I got to enjoy the tweets from the Perth launch, including the ridiculously beautiful food displays. So sorry I couldn’t be there too! I do hope all those pretty cakes/sweets got eaten.

If you’re in Tasmania, then the Hobart Bookshop definitely still has copies (though not nearly as many as they did on Thursday) – I’d love to hear about other bookshops that have them in! Otherwise of course you can always order A Trifle Dead by Livia Day directly from the publisher.

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  1. Congratulations Tansy
    Wish I could’ve stay in Tassie longer, to be there for your launch.

  2. ElanorMJ says:

    Congratulations! I intend to ask my local Canberra bookstore about it 😉

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