It’s funny, you can be keyed up and preparing for a big event like, oh I don’t know, a book launch, for weeks and weeks, and then suddenly it’s over in under two hours. Blink blink blink. I’m pretty sure it was good, because we came home, got the kids to bed and then promptly collapsed in a heap of exhaustion.

That might have something to do with the cold meds I’m on.

The Hobart Bookshop put on a lovely, cruisy book event. New authors, I recommend you fling yourself on their mercy! They give good launch. The bookshop started filling up slowly with lots of people I love and quite a few people I don’t even know. The former is lovely and comforting and heartwarming and all those things, and the latter is rather startling.

I didn’t do a head count but my honey thinks there were about 50 or so people there – I know I signed around 30 books!

Craig Wellington gave a great, funny speech which was mostly about the context in which we first knew each other, the dark days of pre-Internet Doctor Who fandom. I was around 7-8 when we met, and he was a uni student making fan films with himself as the Doctor – which apparently cast me as Amy Pond! He made a crack in the wall joke which the whole crowd laughed at, and later shook his head at Doctor Who being so mainstream now that such a thing could happen.

He also read out a bit of the becoming-infamous first chapter of my book involving the naked boys falling from the sky and explained how he was planning to act out a scene from the book until he, you know, read it. I for one think he could have pulled it off, but I would have been sad not to know ahead of time so as to alert the newspapers and get all the extra publicity!

Anyway, Craig was just lovely and I am still surprised this was his first time as a book launcher. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone!

I gave a tiny speech too, and the book was officially launched, and there was much merriment and lots of book buying. I think there’s something about being allowed into a bookshop after hours that makes everyone go a little hyper. There was wine, though I didn’t drink more than water myself (cold meds! nerves!) and no cheese (not allowed! think of the books!) and lots of chatting. I got to circulate a bit and spend time with a good number of the guests, though not everyone. [info] godiyeva wore her bowler hat! [info] looneymoth brought her sister and new baby niece!

An awesome fragment from a daze-making evening: several people got my Mum to sign the maps pages of their books. How awesome is that? After all her hard work it is lovely to see people other than me acknowledging her.

One of the most fun things for me about this launch was figuring out what the kids would wear. Raeli wore a mermaid dress to my Seacastle launch a couple of years ago, and I figured it would be a good trend to continue. I went shopping with my Mum the other week and got hold of a bunch of animal ears, and well, yes. I had a little cat running around the bookshop, totally method acting, and she even came and stood next to me during the speeches, which was kind of lovely.

No pics of the launch yet cos I’m not organised enough to chase them up, but here is the important fashion report with exclusive before-the-red-carpet shots:

Raeli as the black cat. Possibly I didn’t mention to her that the black cat in my book is a boy. Shhh! Also for the actual launch, she had a nose and whiskers. I really hope someone got a pic of her on the night!

Meanwhile, Jem couldn’t decide if she wanted to be a gattopardo (leopard) or a mouse. Like any good generation Z baby (we’re up to generation Z, right?) she decided she did not have to choose.

At this point, many of you are going awww and the few of you who have read the book are going ‘omg she dressed her daughters up as Ashiol and Garnet, how weird is that?’ All I can say is I love my daughters, and I love my fictional characters 😀 And it would have been way weirder to dress Ash and Garnet up as Raeli and Jem. I’m sure Ash could totally rock the school uniform, but I’m pretty sure Garnet would not look good in a wondersuit…

I am totally blaming the cold meds for that last paragraph.

UPDATE: More pics!

Raeli in full cat form

Bec & Zoe in the foreground; I can see Iz, Clare & Larissa in the background!

Me, with Craig peeking out from behind the jacket of velvet doom, and bookseller Chris at the far left.

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  1. Am now picturing Ash in a school uniform and trying to convince myself it’s okay to kinda like the picture 🙂

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  3. Hannah says:

    Jem is the cutest thing I have ever ever seen omg.

    I mean Raeli is seriously adorable too, I just have a tendency to focus on babies.

  4. Kaia says:

    Jemcakes is getting so big! It’s amazing. They’re both OMGSOCUTE and yay book launch!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the girls in their costumes.

    Go Tansy!

    Go Creature Court!

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