Life with a Miniature Batgirl

Hot evening, nearly-seven-year-old daughter to entertain.

Me: How about we watch that animated Batman movie you got for Christmas?
Him: Okay.
Daughter: Yay, Batman!

*family starts Batman Year One*

–Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham
–Lieutenant Gordon gets beaten up in street
–screen fills up with thugs and (underage) hookers

Me: Starting to think this film is not in fact appropriate for nearly-seven-year-olds
Him: Most definitely

*family examines DVD case*

Me & Him: Oh, crap, M Rated!

*lunge for DVD, turn it off*
*daughter wails with disappointment*
*we explain why M rated means not appropriate for nearly-seven-year-olds*
*we put on other animated Batman episode which is far more appropriate, with icecream to help daughter through the transition*

Me (guiltily): I think I just remembered that Batman: Year One was originally written by Frank Miller
Him: That explains a lot.

And this is why checking the film rating is sometimes not a bad idea, the end.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I still need to see the Batman: Year One film, one of my favourite comic stories and I’ve generally heard good things about the adaption. I think the majority of the DC Direct to DVD films (at least the Batman ones) have been US PG13/ Aus M rated.

    If you’re looking for more all-ages Batman animated fare I’d recommend Batman: Brave and the Bold. Lovely fun animated series which should appeal to anyone who doesn’t demand their Batman to always be grim and gritty.

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