Looking Towards 2013

I’m still getting the hang of what I want my writing/professional goals to be this coming year. I’m pretty sure I need some because 2012 was such a scattered year for me, but I want to keep that flexibility that I had to respond to new projects, and I also don’t want to heap too much pressure on myself instead of enjoying the last year with Jem properly at home – she starts kindergarten three days a week in 2014 and while that isn’t going to make a massive difference to now when she has 2 full daycare days a week, it means a lot psychologically. She will be a SCHOOL GIRL.

So, what does 2013 hold?

At least one novel deadline, which is good. I need to get the revised manuscript of Drowned Vanilla, the second Livia Day novel, to Twelfth Planet Press by May. Have I mentioned how much I adore having deadlines?

I also have one for a solicited short story, which always makes me happy. But apart from that…

Well, speaking of Livia Day, A Trifle Dead will be released in March, and we are planning a launch in Hobart for the 28th. I’ve also sold two stories (as TansyRR) to the Fablecroft anthology One Small Step, and the Lethe Press anthology Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan Poe.

Travel-wise I have been saying ‘no’ to everything, conventions and the like (yes EVEN CONFLUX) because we are saving every penny towards the Big One in October – WFC Brighton. I haven’t quite given up on the idea of Melbourne in June, though, because So Many Incentives.

As for writing, well. I have The Novel and The Other Novel, but mostly what’s exciting me right now is the idea of writing shorter series of stories and novellas for digital markets. The publishing game is changing in so many ways and I’ve got a year of negotiating with the attention span of a three year old ahead of me, so… it makes a lot of sense.

I still love big fat fantasy novels, but the shorter stuff is luring me in, and given that I have another year or two of negotiating work time around the attention span of a 3-4 year old, it seems the best direction for me.

There will be lots of blogging, of course, with particular focus on my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary series, though I also want to finish the Pratchett’s Women essays and get a LOT more Where The Wonder Women Are posts written. In podcasting we will be back at the end of January with Galactic Suburbia, ready for another year of SFnal snark and publishing natter, and while I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for my two podcasting partners to return from their summer adventures, I have Verity! to keep me busy. Doctor Who podcasts for the win!

The Doctor Who podcasting community means a lot to me, as it was they who inspired me to push for Galactic Suburbia to be a thing, PLUS they are the only reason the washing up in our house ever gets done (by me) so it’s super bouncy exciting to be doing a project that makes me part of that gang, even if it’s going to be a remote membership and I sadly doubt I’ll be making it to a Gallifrey convention any time soon. (though I willlll be in Britain later this year…)

Being commissioned for the Chicks Unravel Time piece was really important to me too, and I want to work harder on trying to get paying gigs with non fiction writing. Can’t be too hard, right?

A busy year ahead of me, and so much family stuff to look forward to in between all the laptop-related activities, but most of all I want this to be a year in which THINGS GET FINISHED. Grant applications, novellas, co-written novel projects (you know who you are), blog series, quilts, articles, hell even the washing up.

Things will be finished. Names will be taken. 2013 is the year of getting shit done.

See you there, sweeties!

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  1. Kaia says:

    Omg just ten months.

  2. E says:

    I, for one, am also very excited you’re joining the gang of Doctor Who podcasters! So thrilled to have you on board. 🙂

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