Maids Romana, Wordcounts and Clarion

My Flappers with Swords blog tour continues – I have a piece up at Kate Elliott’s blog on Looking For The Women (in Ancient Rome) which is a response and sequel to her own excellent Looking For Women in Historically-Based Fantasy Worlds.

“If a story starts with a maiden, let’s not assume that she has to get locked in a tower.”

I haven’t been blogging about writing much lately, meanwhile. I am writing a lot. I’ve started something new while I wait to hear about a whole bunch of irons which may or may not be in the fire. It’s exciting me a lot. I’m also writing a bunch of short fic and trying to get myself Out There. The tiny time windows I have to write in are starting to squeeze tighter and tighter, but there’s nothing I can do about that except breathe deep and carry on. I’m nearly at 50K total fiction words for the year, which would be more exciting if the year wasn’t nearly half over.

The Clarion Write-a-thon just swung past my radar again. I had completely forgotten about it and yet, checking back over my blog, it’s the thing that made the difference in building writing momentum for me last year, and helped me get to the halfway point of my Nancy Napoleon novel. 37,000 words in six weeks, not shabby at all.

2012 Clarion West Write-a-thon

So I’m signing up again. I might try to be a bit more pro-active about fundraising rather than just piggybacking on the Write-a-thon for my own ends like I did last year – I was a bit embarrassed to spruik for sponsorship, but hey, it’s a good cause! I thoroughly recommend people joining in if they want to give their writing a kick in the pants – the nice thing about it is you can set whatever goals you like, which makes it a bit more convivial and inclusive than the Nano tradition. (not that I’m knocking Nano, if it works, it works!)

If you want to encourage me, or any of the other Write-a-thon participants (already some quite famous names signed up, though of course those of less famous names may need the encouragement even more) then do please donate to the fundraiser – Clarion is one of those marvellous institutions that genuinely enriches the SF community.