Marriages and Stopped Clocks

I was excited this week that the new Ood Cast album was released.

The Ood Cast are one of my favourite Doctor Who podcasts – you may remember me talking about them before! They not only discuss the show with a positive & upbeat attitude (which is something I find essential in first-week-reviews these days, with so much complaining and browbeating filling the airwaves within only hours of each episode being released.

The Oods also have a tendency to discuss Doctor Who through comedy sketches, which is a far more fun way to express dissent or poke plot holes in an episode, and thanks to the astounding, chameleonic skills of Laura Sigma, they also produce a high quality song parody with every episode. (including when the show isn’t actually on which is why there were about four songs about the Gallifrey convention last year, one of which, Dirty Little Geeks, is one of my absolute favourites) Raeli isn’t quite the avid listener that she used to be, but she still loves the songs, and it’s great whenever a new album turns up so they can be enjoyed as separate files.

Which is my way of saying – much though I liked the Dinosaurs on a Spaceship review episode, I’m quite relieved not to have to listen to it AGAIN just so Raeli can hear the ‘Flirts Like an Egyptian’ song in the car. Yes, she is getting my half of her musical education largely through Doctor Who parodies. That’s okay, right?

You can download the album for free here.