Merry Happy Valkyrie!

It’s December and that means my new Christmas fantasy novella, Merry Happy Valkyrie, has been released into the wild!

I’ve been home sick with a cold & a sniffling child since December began, because weather in Tasmania (and Australia generally) has been bananas this spring. It’s nearly summer and we just put the gas heating on because the rain it rains every day! We’re in a drought, so this should be good news, except that last time the rain was this extreme in Tasmania was on the other side of this winter just gone, and I know people who are still recovering from the flood damage.

Funny (peculiar) that my new book is in on the joke (haha as well as peculiar!) that is Tasmanian weather. In Matilda, the fictional town where Merry Happy Valkyrie is set, it always snows at Christmas even though we don’t do that in Australia (except when we do, i say, looking suspiciously at my view of Mt Wellington out the window).

Don’t look for Matilda, it doesn’t exist. The people who live there told me to say that, and they should know!

You can buy Merry Happy Valkyrie from your favourite ebook platform, or direct from Twelfth Planet Press. Read it to find out why Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without dragons.

And check out my guest post at Stephanie Burgis’ blog, talking about my favourite Christmas fantasy and romance stories over the years, across various media. I just remembered that I forgot to talk about Christmas crime. One of my favourite Ngaio Marsh murder mysteries is the one called Tied Up With Tinsel