More on Macmillan v. Amazon

This is a really long post by Tobias Buckell, and it’s completely worth reading – he explains the Macmillan v. Amazon situation really well but also talks about the pricing of e-books, and why it is the way it is right now, and why it has the potential to change in the future (and as part of that, why publishers would really prefer to have flexibility of pricing.

Charlie Stross provides an outsiders guide to the fight.

Amazon present a letter to their customers. The most interesting aspect is that they are definitely saying that this is a temporary thing. And squarely placing Macmillan as the bullies, heh. Sorry, hard to see Amazon as the underdog. *Tries* Nope, can’t see it.

Scott Westerfeld explains why we should be more hacked off at Amazon than Macmillan.

Scalzi on the many ways of Amazonfail.

I have to say one good thing came out of this – I know I’ll be happier about paying higher prices for e-books in the future. I had never understood why they were priced the way they were, and now I have a much clearer idea. (of course I still maintain, as before, that DRM devalues e-books to the point where the logical price structure does not make sense – and Amazon are in the wrong there too, as they still don’t allow publishers to choose to de-activate DRM)

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