My Little Friday Links

OK the news that really sparkled for me this week was the availability of the My Little Pony comics on ComiXology – which means I can actually access them! Oh, ComiXology, you are so convenient, if only your DRM-based platform wasn’t so inflexible and slightly evil. DID I MENTION PONIES?

Alisa passed on a link to this inspiring article about Nicola Beauman and Persephone Books. There’s a lot to unpack in this one, particularly about the value of aesthetically pleasing books, but also the human side of “building a brand”. Warning: this article may make you buy books while reading it.

Mary Shelley blogs about the origins of her classic story Frankenstein. Yes, really. Well, a bit.

Jennifer Mills talks about reading Australian classics for the AWW challenge, and Elizabeth L Huede writes about the year’s challenge over at the Huffington Post.

Rebecca Fitzgibbon responds to the Hobart ABC closure
, discussing some of the roll on cultural effects that come from not producing TV in Tasmania any longer. Sigh.

Alisa writes about her relationship with tea, which I found hilarious and very true to life – we all do that thing where we buy things for our imaginary self rather than the person we really are, right?

Rowena Cory Daniells is releasing an exclusively e-novella from the King Rolen’s Kin world, next week.

Slate looks at how to get more women in the writing room of TV comedy, and why gender balance makes for a better end product.

Jim C Hines posts a variety of links on issues to do with diversity and inclusiveness in SF fandom, including a shout out to Doctor Her!

Random Alex writes a heartfelt open letter to Nyx, the heroine and protagonist of Kameron Hurley’s intense and confronting bugpunk novels.

Sherwood Smith on the origins of flounces and fandom wank in the salons of old. Somehow a flamewar would feel so much more stylish if there were actual fans of the fluttering variety to smack each other with!