On my iPod: the Ood Cast

Yeah, yeah. I needed a new Doctor Who podcast like I needed a family of squirrels in my laptop. But this one is really gooooood. I resisted many times, even when Nat from Nottingham (of Bridging the Rift) insisted how great it was, but finally I listened to the Ood Cast yesterday and fell in love.

It’s a gang of four performers who write songs and perform comedy skits in response to each episode, as well as chatting more seriously about it in the middle. My heart was won when they did a homage to Mike Skinner’s “dry your eyes mate” with a song all about River Song’s hallucinogenic lipstick. (damn, now I want to listen to the Streets all afternoon) Laura Simpson, the Ood brain behind the songs, is particularly talented, but the whole gang are fun to listen to.

Unfortunately only the most recent 10 eps seem to be available from iTunes, but they can all be found on the webpage. I know I’m going to be catching up with all of them! And next time possibly I’ll move a bit faster when Nat from Nottingham says I need to listen to something…

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  2. Chuck B. says:

    I listen to many podcasts about Doctor Who and other stuff, But the OODCAST is my favorite. They have an album of all their songs available on their website for free. You can make a donation if you want, but they don’t require it to download. Laura Simpson is a very talented singer and their songs are very well written. And the podcasts themselves are almost as good as the episodes they review/parody/seriously talk about. If you want serious Doctor who, try Podshock or one of the other, but if you want to have fun, The OODCAST is the place to go.

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