One Small Step and Sassy Crime

New books, new books! A Trifle Dead is now less than a fortnight away, which is squeeful and terrifying. You can read an interview with me over at Angela Slatter’s blog about the new novel and much of my other current writing etc: AKA Livia Day.

She also invents a name for the sub-genre that Livia Day is officially writing in – Sassy Crime!

Sassy Crime

If anyone else wants to interview me for their podcast, blog, etc. this is a VERY good fortnight to be asking. NEW BOOK MONTH, PEOPLE!

In the mean time I had a lovely if brief catching up with Dirk Flinthart this weekend when we appeared on a writing panel together at AI Con, and he handed over my (early) author copy of this other lovely new book which will be officially launched at Conflux in April:


Tehani Wessely of Fablecroft has done it again with this gorgeous anthology and oh I ended up sweating buckets over the story I wrote for her in this one! The theme, ‘small steps that lead to big things’ made my head explode and I started and failed to finish about half a dozen stories before one in particular managed to take over my brain long enough to become a piece I could trust to the page. Strangely it ended up being another story I have sold to Tehani which is all about books, libraries and the future and/or magic of reading. Not sure why this would be on my mind at all right now she said stroking her Kindle.

Check out this awesome Table of Contents:


And for a teaser about what kind of story I wrote, here’s a snippet:


You can pre-order One Small Step from Fablecroft.