Our Christmas in Books

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas! I can’t stop grinning at it, especially as my honey managed to make me think it was an impossible dream – they’re only letting them into Australia two at a time or so. But it is MINE and so pretty. Have already been stocking up on books from Wizards Tower, Project Gutenberg and even (gasp) the Amazon store. And I’ve already read a whole novel on it (peeking at the ‘how many minutes to the end of this book’ feature the whole time) – the extraordinary, raw and compelling ‘WWII heroines’ novel Code Name: Verity by Elizabeth Wein which had me sobbing buckets over the leftover roast potatoes this morning.

In other news, the Very Grown Up Raeli received an iPod Touch and some snazzy yellow headphones which means she can play Angry Birds AND listen to Ood Cast music without begging for my phone, and also that little Jem can mainline her way through her Christmas DVDs without fighting with her sister for control of the remote.

But this was a Christmas of books, from extended family as well as each other (and of course, Santa). Let’s take a look at a sample of the dead tree hoard:





3 replies on “Our Christmas in Books”

  1. Kirstie says:

    What is it with husbands and misdirects? My husband did the exact same thing to me, he said he had missed the cut-off to order it in time for Christmas, that I would have to wait until my birthday but he’d already purchased it a month prior. Sneaky.
    I find that ‘minutes left til you finish the chapter’ feature at the bottom very distracting. It sparks my competitive spirit and I keep trying to prove it wrong.

  2. My kobo vox died, and having used my old sony to read my last to review books, I think I would go an e-ink reader again not a kindle because I find I don’t read enough kindle books and not a kobo product either, possibly the sony model. But the Paperwhite does look good.. as do your bookish presents – love horrible histories.

  3. tansyrr says:

    If you use Calibre, anything can be a Kindle book… just saying!

    Sorry to hear about your Kobo. That must be so frustrating.

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