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Verity & Tansy’s Two Cents: Who’s In What?

March 22nd, 2014

veritywhosinwhat-300This week’s episode of Verity doesn’t have me in it at all!

The topic was ‘who’s in what’ and I think it’s inspired the most comments by listeners ever! Lynne was inspired to do a “My Two Cents” post, and I started composing mine almost as soon as I started listening to the episode.

The question was, what shows/movies/media have you chased up purely because of a Doctor Who connection?

I found the various perspectives really interesting, especially as the episode is balanced equally between those who started Doctor Who with the new version of the show, and those who have been watching it since they were ‘wee.’ Liz provides a treasure trove of which old movies to track down in search of Doctors!

Download or listen now (runtime 35:40)

Mrs Hudson from Sherlock, what are you doing with the Third Doctor?

Mrs Hudson from Sherlock, what are you doing with the Third Doctor?

Turns out that despite having watched Doctor Who my whole life, I’ve rarely gone hunting for Classic Who actors in TV shows or movies – I’m much more likely to have done that with the modern gang, in our post-IMDB reality. I did however spend most of my childhood being hit over the head by appearances of Doctor Who actors in unexpected places.

I am more likely to have deliberately sought out shows featuring Press Gang actors (yes Hotel Babylon I’m looking at you for hiring Dexter Fletcher) – though there are several actors appearing in Press Gang who I definitely saw in Doctor Who first, including Principal Winter and Duggan from City of Death. Oh, and Chrissie, AKA Winifred Bambera.

I think my lack of actively hunting classic actors is because it wasn’t exactly an easy thing to do back in the height of my classic Who fandom – I was much more likely to casually stumble across them. And by the time the Internet was available for the likes of me, I was already pretty well established in my ‘casual stumbling’ technique. (also let’s face it, a lot of the actors playing companions didn’t actually turn up in many other shows, at least in substantial roles)

And, you know, remembering odd connections between actors from British TV is kind of my superpower. I have often baffled people with my unfailing ability to remember exactly which Carry On Film featured that particular actor, or which long-forgotten BBC drama featured that actor now guest-starring on Absolutely Fabulous. Following them deliberately would be a bit of a cheat, wouldn’t it?
Having said that…

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Friday Links are Very Tired (and on Saturday)

March 22nd, 2014

Yesterday was a long day, with one sick little girl in Emergency at the local hospital (all fine now) and… no, that’s basically it for all that happened yesterday.

Still, if I don’t keep doing these posts, my post-it of saved links will fill up and explode!

Liz Myles has added to the Cranky Ladies blog tour with her great post: Ten Great Military Leaders, Probably Cranky Ones that points out several women of history who were better military leaders than Boudicca.

I have a new post up too, over at The History Girls, on the poet Sulpicia.

Did I MENTION that we funded this week? Oh yeah, baby. Night Terrace aren’t doing too badly either.

Over at Book Smugglers, Ana is pondering on History, Fandom and Masters of Science Fiction.

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Day 16: Funded!

March 16th, 2014

Tehani and I are overwhelmed by this! We reached our funding goal before midnight today which is the halfway mark of the campaign – and that means of course that we are also eligible for the $2000 Crowbar grant from Arts Tasmania.

In the meantime, you can still pledge if you hadn’t got around to it yet – it’s definitely not too late!

We’ve listed some stretch goals on the page, to help the book be even more awesome. The campaign will stay open until noon on April 1. In fact, we’re actually startlingly close to our first stretch goal already…

Thanks everyone for your support, your pledges and your signal-boosting. We’re not resting on our laurels – lots of work ahead of us.

Beaconsfield: Feeding Writers Since 2014

March 13th, 2014

I’m going to one of those fancy literary festivals! There’s a thing that doesn’t happen very often.

Beaconsfield, a little town at the far north of Tasmania, is hosting the new Festival of Golden Words this weekend, and I’m going along to be a panellist. Actually, I’m going as TWO panellists, since they invited me as TansyRR and as Livia Day.

Looking at the program, I am delighted by how many combinations of food and words they have managed to put together – poet’s breakfasts, literary lunches, and the promise of vineyards. They know how to lure writers, right? You promise to feed them…

It’s an incredible line up, including Wendy Harmer, Carrie Tiffany, Andy Griffiths, Nikki Gemmell… the list goes on! Very pleased in all this that they made some space for genre writers, and very much for local writers too.

So here’s what I’m doing:

Friday, March 14
11.00 am – Schools Day solo session, 60-seat room, Beaconsfield Child & Family Centre

Saturday, March 15
10.30-11.20, as Livia Day, marquee panel session, ‘It Started With a… Where Writers Ideas Come From.’ Fellow panelists Nick Earls, Qld crime writer Poppy Gee, and NSW children’s author Paula Boer. Chair, Russell Eldridge.

3.30-4.20, as Tansy Rayner Roberts, marque panel session. ‘Living in a World of Fantasy’. Fellow panelists Lian Tanner and Chris Foster. Chair, Zoe Walton, (Children’s and YA Publisher with Random House Australia.)

I’ve never actually driven from one end of Tasmania to the other by myself before, so I’m a bit excited about that, too. Might be time to crack out Dark Eyes 2!

Day 11 – Cranky Ladies is a Marathon, not a Sprint

March 13th, 2014

It’s hard to deny that 83% looks pretty good from here. Yesterday, I lamented on Twitter about how agonising it was to be only $5 away from reaching the $7K mark, and a few small pledges straight after tumbled us beautifully over that hurdle and on to the next one. We’re now at $7135, so every pledge helps us count down the final $1500.

If nothing else, this campaign has been working on my hang ups about self promotion. Talking about things actually makes people pay attention to them!

Still, even though it looks like it’s all sewn up, it really isn’t, not until we cross that final line. So our job now, in the middle of the month, is to keep our energy levels high, stay hydrated, and keep heading forward. Yeah crowdfunding!

We’ve added another reward level, because we’ve had suggestions from various people they would like to buy a second copy of the book to pass on to a friend, or their Mum. So if you have a special person in your life who you think would benefit from the book, please check out the new ‘One for me, one for a friend’ level. If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas, please remember that Cranky Ladies won’t be released until February 2015 – but the Cranky Ladies calendar will be released to all supporters in good time for Christmas giving.

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Galactic Suburbia 95

March 9th, 2014

New episode is up a day early! Get it here.

In which, the Hugo host debacle online conversation became a many-tentacled AI that wants to steal our souls, and ladies are cranky.

Speaking of Cranky Ladies – check out Tansy and Tehani’s crowdfunding campaign.

News In Depth: The Hugos v. Jonathan Ross, Safe Spaces & Online Discussions

Foz Meadows laying out the original drama in her usual inimitable style.

Cheryl on the arguments for & against Jonathan Ross as host as particularly on the importance of Intersectionality – how to be a good ally, and why you LISTEN to why people are upset, even if it’s inconvenient to you or your community.

The Chairs of LonCon apologise for the situation – weirdly, this graceful and thorough acknowledgement of their responsibility for how the chain of events went is often not being mentioned in coverage of the discussion.


The downside of recording several days ahead of broadcast is that sometimes the conversation we are contributing to moves on without us – in particular with the “Hugos and Jonathan Ross” conversation we recorded on Wednesday night there has been some serious reframing of the narrative, some of it highly gendered.

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Day 8 – The Happy Glow of Books Pre-Ordered

March 9th, 2014

It’s been a whirlwind weekend in crowdfunding land! We gained 10% of our goal on Friday thanks largely to the ABC International Women’s Day article, and another 14% or so yesterday…

Ahem. Yes. 74%. On Day 8. That’s beyond extraordinary. $6345, mostly in pre-orders for our lovely book!

Tehani and I get to squee at each other in person today thanks to the lovely book party we’re throwing at the Hobart Bookshop to launch my Ink Black Magic, and Dirk’s Path of Night. Lian Tanner will be there too, to do the launching.

Seeing all the ‘yep I’m coming’ comments on Facebook has made me happy.

Knowing we’re so close now to our funding goal to make Cranky Ladies of History happen, makes me happy.

Kaia blogging about the wacky and wonderful Queen Kristina of Sweden makes me happy.

The internet has brought us some sadness and suckiness this week, so I’ll take the happiness where I can.

Don’t Forget the Book Party!

March 8th, 2014

Not content with having a crowdfunding campaign this month, FableCroft Publishing are also holding a book party!

New novels by myself (Ink Black Magic, the newest installment in the Mocklore Chronicles) and Dirk Flinthart will be launched tomorrow by Lian Tanner at the Hobart Bookshop. We’d love as many readers and book lovers to join us as possible. There will be free wine and juice, there’s a kiddie corner in the bookshop (my daughters will be there dressed as pirates and witches), and what else are you going to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Hope to see you there if you can make it.

ink black magic party

Day 7: Cranky Ladies on the ABC

March 8th, 2014

The thing about crowdfunding is, it kind of takes over your life. Promoting, it, watching the tally rise, fretting when 24 hours goes by without any pledges… announcing percentages to family members as they pass by, planning a spreadsheet to properly crunch the data…

So yeah, yesterday a couple of big things happened. We had been going through a bit of a lull in pledges (have we plateaued? Is it over??) but then my guest post went up on SF Signal, who are fantastically supportive of crowdfunding projects within the international SFF community. Quite a few pledges came in after that, and after recording an episode of Verity (with a bit of plugging) I went out for a couple of hours so my daughter could clamber all over an indoor gym with her best friend.

When I came back it was to a wave of tweets, squee and links – because of this fantastic article that Tehani cleverly managed to arrange on the ABC news site.

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Day 5: Cranky Ladies, Horrible Histories & Mary Seacole

March 5th, 2014

We’re still making progress! Up to 43% on the Cranky Ladies of History crowdfunding project at Day 5 – and with 60 supporters, we’re very happy with it so far.

Because so many of our upper level rewards were taken up so quickly, Tehani and I have planned a few extras for people to choose from if they’re feeling generous (and indeed, covetous). The first new level allows supporters to choose one of the stories/historical characters from our completed TOC which will then be illustrated by the amazing Kathleen Jennings – as well as the book itself and our exclusive Cranky Ladies of History calendar, the supporters at this tier will also get a canvas print of the illustration they commissioned!

There have also been plenty of new additions to the Cranky Ladies Blog Tour – one of my favourites is this piece by Faith Mudge, who says a lot of things I was planning to say and hadn’t been able to write down in the right order yet. Obviously that was because she was doing it instead!

I also really enjoyed Joyce Chng’s piece about Leizu, the First Empress – I know next to nothing about Chinese history and mythology, and this was a great start. I’m looking forward to reading more about Joyce’s take on Leizu in fiction.

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