Galactic Suburbia Episode 152 Show Notes

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In which Alisa & Tansy are left unsupervised to read feedback, give you the lowdown on the Brangelina break up and discuss how Hillary Clinton and Harley Quinn both have to put up with the same ridiculous gender double standards.

Relevant links:

Garth Nix on Aboriginal stories

The Cost of Building the Death Star

Brangelina is Dead, Long Live Angelina (on Jolie’s handling of the media narrative built around her and her family)

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Sheep Might Fly: Unmagical Boy Story Part 11

New episode update!

“Unmagical Boy Story” is a 13-part sequel to “Fake Geek Girl,” and is original to this podcast.

One magical university, divided between the Colleges of the Real and Unreal. One pub. One indie band. A lot of drunk witches on a Friday night. One shattered friendship, due to be repaired. One Practical Mythology paper which really has to be finished by Monday… Oh, and trolls. Let’s see who survives Friday night drinks!

unmagical boy 3

Part 11 – 5AM, Crash Space

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Justice League #1 (May 1987)

Previously on the JLI Reread: Justice League The Story So Far.

1-justice-leagueTHE PACKAGING: I own Justice League: A New Beginning, a trade collection of the first 6 issues of the 1987- run billed simply as Justice League, plus issue #7 where it was rebranded as Justice League International. The collection comes with a handy essay by editor Andrew Helfer on the behind the scenes shenanigans that led to this reboot of Justice League and provides all kinds of insight into the new book’s format, creative team and general philosophy.

THE CREATIVE TEAM: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis writing (specifically Giffen plotting and DeMatteis writing dialogue), with DC newbie Kevin Maguire and his characteriffic faces taking on pencil duties. Issue #1 is inked by Terry Austin & lettered by Bob Lappan.

THE PITCH: Coming out of the perceived failure of “Justice League Detroit,” this book was supposed to bring back the glory years of the Justice League, but it ran into some serious problems right from the start: the book’s cast of characters were supposed to be decided based on the big Legends comic event which hadn’t been written yet, and several of the Obviously We Want Them candidates such as Superman and Wonder Woman were off limits because of creative changes happening in their solo books. (This is a theme, we’ll come back to it) Helfer, Giffen and the team they assembled had to plan a book that would work with a rotating, possibly random, maybe-we-won’t-know-until-the-last-minute collection of superheroes, and so they decided the following:

1) why not make this the story about what superheroes do when they’re off duty?

2) yeah if we’re doing that it should probably be funny

3) everything is Maxwell Lord’s fault. (*Invents Maxwell Lord*)

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Patreon Party Day 5: Glitter and Postcards and Other Tangible Magics


Here we are on the very last day of my Patreon Party! And to my absolute astonishment, since last night and a couple of very large pledges (you know who you are!!!), our tally has rocketed up to $283 per month! That’s only 17 away from unlocking the Inky Valkyrie Book Club!!! Can we make this happen today? I DON’T KNOW, LET’S FIND OUT!

Huge thanks to everyone for helping out so far, not just for the pledges (which are marvellous and humbling and splendiferous) but also for the retweeting and sharing across social media. I appreciate you all for feeling as invested in this thing as I am.

Also, I have a whole bunch of glitter art to make, which is good news for my school holiday plans, and bad news for my husband. Don’t worry, honey, we’ll do the glitter bombing while you’re out at work, that’s totally almost like it never happened, right?


I love to make art and to craft, but in the chaotic time crunch that is writing, parenting and running a small business (cough, at least two small businesses), this is the thing that gets sacrificed. I haven’t even been quilting over the last year and a half, more likely to pick up an iPad or my phone when watching TV in the evening, instead of a bag of fabrics.

But lately, I’ve been getting that feeling again, like I want to be making things.

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Patreon Party Day 4


Today it’s time to talk about the podcast! I’ve had so much fun making Sheep Might Fly this year — the idea of committing to a weekly podcast without other people talking was pretty daunting, but what tipped me over the edge is that I have spent the last 11 years honing my reading skills, and this year my youngest started reading her own chapter books. What was I going to do with myself when no one in the house needs my funny voices, and my dramatic renditions of favourite stories? (Luckily she DOES still like me to read to her, but it’s only a matter of time before I get eye-rolling and rejection)

Writing Musketeer Space the way I did, a chapter a week, only served to cement my love for the serial, whether we’re talking about 1960’s Doctor Who, 1980’s comics, or the latest epic 40 chapter Winterhawk fanfic. I wanted to keep writing serials, but not every novel can be written one chapter a week.

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Patreon Party Day 3


Big excitement overnight! We got several new pledges, taking us up and over the $250 goal line! That means I will be creating a non-fiction e-title each year (essays, criticism, history, honestly I don’t know, it’s a mystery, we get to find out together) which every single Patreon supporter will receive as part of their rewards package.



In other news, I announced my new blogging project, a re-read of the classic comics title/era/lifestyle-choice Justice League International! My intro essay providing The Story So Far of Justice League’s history as a super team between 1960-1987 is here. I also have an essay on the One Girl In The Justice League myth coming out in the Book Smugglers almanac soon, and am working on another one right now for Uncanny about how the upcoming Justice League movie really shouldn’t be trying to copy Marvel’s business model… I JUST HAVE A LOT OF JUSTICE LEAGUE FEELINGS RIGHT NOW, OKAY?


Now that we have achieved the non fiction goal, the next one to look towards is the Inky Valkyrie Book Club! I have fielded some questions about this one, so now is a good time to talk about it… mostly because I am really, bouncingly excited about the idea of doing this project. Only $45 to go…

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Justice League: The Story So Far

secret_origins_vol_2_32My new blogging project is… (drum roll) a complete re-read of Justice League International, starting in 1987, continuing to roll onwards even after the massive creative team change-up in 1992, all the way through to 1996 when the four-series narrative chaos was brought to a screeching halt and rebooted again for an era that everyone else adores and I refer to (literally, it’s a category in my filing cabinet) as Nasty Modern JLA’s.

1987-1996 is the One True Justice League, as far as I am concerned. These are the comics I cut my teeth on in my teens, while waiting for Australian indie titles to put out just one more issue. But, as I explained to my children recently, back in those days we didn’t have Wikipedia. I had to find my way through a maze of continuity references, 30-year-old backstory, and so on.

1-justice-leagueI started seriously reading comics a few months after the Death of Superman in 1992, and collected madly in both directions, hunting back issues in bag&board boxes, in second hand book shops, and in cellophane-wrapped parcels hidden in back corners of newsagencies. Collecting was a Thing I Did for most of the 90’s, even after I had given up on reading the new issues (because my favourite characters weren’t in it any more, I blame you, Grant Morrison). Any opportunity to travel to distant climes such as Launceston or Burnie were met with excitement because they had second hand book shops I had not yet picked clean in the hopes of finding that one KooeyKooeyKooey issue!

Ahem. Then eBay came along and ruined the hunt for everyone…


I’m starting on the One True Justice League Reread next week (though Patreon supporters will totally get an early sneak peek) but before I get started, I thought I’d better catch you all up on What You Missed between the launch of Original Blend Justice League in 1960, and Maxwell Lord getting a bright idea in 1987. Nearly 30 years of comics in under 2000 words? I CAN TOTALLY WRITE THAT!

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Patreon Party Day 2: Free Fiction


I’m excited to have gathered some new Patreon supporters already, and to see our tally creeping closer to that next milestone… but today is the day for fiction giveaways!

First, an exclusive Patreon-only short story — you’ll be able to read it only if you log into my page as a supporter! “Ray Guns For Ladies” is one of the shortest stories I’ve written in years, and it’s about expressing your femininity via nail art and ray gun design in outer space. I swear I wrote it before the Jamberry obsession hit! (I was actually inspired after a Twitter conversation months ago about being able to match your lipstick to your ray gun)

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Sheep Might Fly: Unmagical Boy Story Part 10

Flying Sheep Show NotesNew episode is up!

Part 10 – 4AM, Second Wind
The flatmates rally around to deal with Holly’s latest evil ex, Chauvelin has his long-awaited crisis, and Viola embraces her inner gorgon.

Catch up on previous episodes here!

Part 1 – 7PM, Little Black Dress Alert

Part 2 – 8PM, Friday Night Cover Charge: Two Drinks

Part 3 – 9PM I Hate That Song So Much Right Now

Part 4 – 10PM The Band Takes a Break

Part 5 – 11PM Second Set Contains New Material (Don’t Feed the Trolls)

Part 6 – 12 Midnight – After Party

Part 7 – 1AM: Regrettable Things You Shouldn’t Have Said

Part 8 – 2AM – Ill-advised Hook Up

Part 9 – 3AM – Clearing the Air

unmagical boy 3

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Patreon Party Day 1: Milestones and Rewards!

patreon-day-1Last year, I changed up my Patreon. This was a weird/confronting exercise, as the campaign and my onling writing life had revolved so much around the serialised writing of Musketeer Space and its associated bloggery – would anyone still want to support me now that project was complete?

As it turned out, many of them did – a lot of my supporters fell away once the book was finished, and fair enough too. But what came next? I was too exhausted to think about a new Big Thing straight away, so I settled for a more low-key reboot, for my online writing/blogging in general, promoting new blog series like the SF Women of the 21st Century profiles. The rewards became more about general Tansyness, rather than Musketeers.

The New Big Thing finally found its way into my Patreon campaign & writer brain early this year — Sheep Might Fly allowed me to combine the things I loved (serialised fiction and podcasting), and to offer a regular, sustainable piece of something to my Patreon supporters. The main benefit for me was being paid to write short stories at the length I loved (8-20,000 words), as well as writing sequels and ongoing series made up of those stories. Alternating originals with reprints gives me a bit of breathing space, and also allows me to find a new audience for stories I am especially fond of. Sheep Might Fly has hit a real creative sweet spot for me, and I’m very happy with where it’s been going.

So what’s different with this week’s reboot?

The focus of the campaign is now almost entirely on the serialised fiction of the Sheep Might Fly podcast, and the ebooks of the original stories written for the podcast. I’m expecting to put out around 3 novelettes or novellas a year, producing the ebook after the story has been broadcast, and releasing them to my Patreon supporters FIRST, before they go up for general sale. The first of these was Glass Slipper Scandal.

All supporters of my Patreon campaign, even those at the $1, receive the ebooks of the stories in advance of them going up for sale. And of course, anyone can listen to the podcast for free.

Then there are extras, based on which level you choose!

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