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Galactic Suburbia 103 Show Notes

June 30th, 2014

terri-icon-cropNew episode is available to stream or download.

In which we talk harassment policies, upcoming publishing projects, Hugo reading and more!


Update on the Elise Matthesen harassment case from Wiscon 2013.

Anna Tambour collection – The Finest Ass in the Universe to be published by Twelfth Planet Press in July 2015

Kaleidoscope Table of Contents including Tansy’s story Cookie Cutter Superhero

What Culture Have we Consumed?

Alex: finished Fringe; Orphan Black season 2; Europa Report; Hugo reading: finished the novelettes, most of the novellas and shorts. Bikes in Space vol 2

Tansy: The Two-Hearted Numbat, Ambelin & Ezekiel Kwaymullina; Romanitas by Sophia McDougall, The Machine; The Musketeers;

Alisa: ON HOLIDAYS AND ONLY KNIT And Orphan Black, random PhD update of sorts

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June 28th, 2014

robotech rewatchWelcome back to the Robotech Rewatch! The space opera that put the melodrama into shiny shiny mecha…

The humans have a giant ship they don’t understand, are under attack from giant aliens who want their giant ship back, and accidentally teleported themselves to Pluto. Meanwhile, Rick Hunter has manpain and his sort-of-girlfriend Minmei is oblivious.

I know what you’re all thinking. You’re thinking that up until now, the series has been short on reference to ladies’ underwear. Well, worry no longer!

This weekly rewatch of classic animated space opera Robotech is brought to you as bonus content for the Musketeer Space project. Thanks everyone for your support!

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Friday Links is Feeling Neglected…

June 27th, 2014

carriefisherwilliamshatner…largely because Tansy is busy editing a book with one hand, and typing space melodrama about Musketeers with the other. But I have linkses! Some of them have been waiting patiently for far too long.

Natalie Luhrs collected her tweets (including the conversational additions of others) about speaking out and community support, which are well worth reading.

While the media goes into meltdown about the possibility that Harrison Ford’s leg injury might mean Han Solo won’t be in enough of the next Star Wars movie (really, can we not just have Leia doing the same things he was going to do?), I wanted to point to this lovely interview with Carrie Fisher about being a bit melted, and other things. What she has to say about Leia as a character is pretty cool and brings me back to – why AREN’T they just giving Han Solo’s scenes to her, again?

Kari Sperring wrote two really important posts: Living as a Woman in a Science Fictional Future, and the follow up, Collateral Damage. The first is about the narrow types of femininity we usually see in SF (and the joy of finding examples of a woman like yourself in the fiction you love) and the second is a much angrier, fierce and personal piece about how the older women in science fiction (especially the writers) get left behind while their male counterparts only increase their profile and prestige.

What it comes to is this: most women who are now over about 40 have been told their whole lives to be good, to keep their heads down, to keep on working away quietly and to wait their turn. And now, within sff, at the point when their male contemporaries are celebrated, these same women are being told, No, it’s too late for you, you don’t matter enough; that space is needed. Get out of the way.

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Musketeer Space Part 6: The Wrong Sort of Duel

June 25th, 2014

Welcome back to Musketeer Space! I’ve had a wild writing week, getting several more chapters under my belt, which is something of a relief. I’ve also been watching and rewatching the BBC Musketeers series, for an upcoming review. It’s a bit wonderful, just saying. If you ever felt a Musketeer adaptation lacked sufficient leather, this one will make it up to you.

Thanks to SF Signal for linking to the project and bringing new readers along. Hello, new readers! I hope you like swords and spaceships.

Start reading from Part 1
Missed the last installment? Track back to Part 5
Main Page & Table of Contents

PREVIOUSLY IN MUSKETEER SPACE: Dana D’Artagnan is starting to think that Paris Satellite is out to get her. She missed out on her dream job, she failed to catch up with her nemesis Ro, and now three Musketeers are trying to kill her in a computer-generated meadow. With sharp bits of metal! How retro.

Now Read On…


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ROBOTECH REWATCH 4: Welcome to the First Chinese Restaurant in Space

June 21st, 2014

robotech rewatchThis weekly rewatch of classic animated space opera Robotech is brought to you as bonus content for the Musketeer Space project. Thanks everyone for your support!

Previous episodes:
1 – So Much For World Peace
2 – Who Put Pluto There?
3 – To Be In Love

Episode 5. Transformation

Living on a spaceship under siege is hard work! Minmei’s aunt and uncle bemoan the tight rations, and that gives Minmei a bright idea: let’s reopen the restaurant! She points out that there was food rationing during the last war, and her family kept the restaurant open then.

“But even though we’re lost in space, life can still go on as usual, can’t it?”
Minmei, Queen of Denial 2009

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Musketeer Space Part 5 – The Mending of Athos

June 18th, 2014

musketeerspace_bluesmallWelcome back to Musketeer Space! My Patreon campaign is up to $160 per month, with 41 supporters, which is very cool for a project that’s only been running a month. I do hope we reach the $200 level, as I have great plans for a Musketeer Christmas story (in a galaxy without Christmas, hmm, no one can say I’m not up for a challenge). I’ve also added a couple of dreamy, swoonworthy new milestones to the page, to show the point at which I’ll be able to fund professional cover art and paid editorial work for the final book.

In other news, I have readers! This is exciting to me. Mieneke in the Netherlands wrote an enthusiastic post about Musketeer Space this week, all about her love for Dana and the story so far. It absolutely made my day.

I also wrote a guest post this week at SF Signal, about my love for serialised stories, with particular reference to Charles Dickens and his many fanzines, and The Three Musketeers of course.

But you’re not here for links, you’re here for Musketeers in Space.

Start reading from Part 1
Missed the last installment? Track back to Part 4.
Archive & Table of Contents

PREVIOUSLY IN MUSKETEER SPACE: Dana D’Artagnan travelled to Paris Satellite with dreams of becoming a Musketeer pilot. Instead she has no ship, no job, and a nemesis who doesn’t seem to even know she’s alive. Oh yes, and she’s got herself challenged to three duels in one day as well, behind something called a Luxembourg…


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Musketeers Are All For Love (1993)

June 16th, 2014

1993Time for another Musketeer Media Monday!

If you really, truly love The Three Musketeers (1993) and hold it in your heart as a great nostalgic fun time, as I once did, you may not want to read this article.

For lo, the thing I most dreaded has come to pass.

And the suck fairy is a cruel, cruel wench.

The 90’s Three Musketeers was my first introduction to the characters, and I loved them dearly. The Golden Age of Musketeers, truly, is 15. In particular, I seem to recall, I adored Kiefer Sutherland’s Athos, Rebecca De Mornay’s Milady, and Oliver Platt’s Porthos. I regularly forgot who played Aramis, and was always surprised on rewatching to discover that it was in fact Charlie Sheen.

(In retrospect, not knowing anything about Charlie Sheen makes this a much better movie)

I always got a kick out of Gabrielle Anwar being Queen Anne (Press Gang actor ahoy!), I never really saw why everyone loved Tim Curry so much (this is an endemic problem for me), and Chris O’Donnell’s chin is VERY LARGE AND PUNCHABLE on the big screen.

But all in all, my memories were happy. Perhaps I should have left them be…

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Galactic Suburbia 102 Show Notes

June 15th, 2014

New episode is up and ready to be downloaded or streamed!

terri-icon-cropIn which Alex and Tansy debrief Alisa on their ContinuumX hijinks, and a crowdfunding scheme unfolds… please admire our lovely new logo thanks to longtime listener Terri and her ninja cupcake skills


Ditmars, Norma, etc etc. Con report! Book launches, panels…

Literary Guests of Honour: Ambelin Kwaymullina & Jim C Hines (speeches not available online yet, will link when we can)

Check out also the great Continuum X Twitter Storify

As mentioned by Ambelin in her GOH speech, the Australia Council guidelines on writing about Indigenous culture and people, which were formulated by Indigenous people.

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June 14th, 2014

This weekly rewatch of classic animated space opera Robotech is brought to you as bonus content for the Musketeer Space project. Thanks everyone for your support!

Previous episodes:
1 – So Much For World Peace
2 – Who Put Pluto There?

longwaitEpisode 4. The Long Wait

Gloval feels guilty about the mess he’s made, and he and the crew set about rescuing the survivors from the civilian shelters and aircraft carriers. It’s a bit of a massacre, frankly, dead bodies everywhere, and it’s only because the story moves so quickly that everyone doesn’t sink into deep depression.

Meanwhile, Rick and Minmei play house in the bowels of the giant space fortress, stuck without food, water or communications.

Roy is cranky at Gloval’s insistence that he stay at his post instead of going to find the missing Rick Hunter.

“Yes Captain, whatever you say, I’m sure that 70,000 civilians are more important than my friend.”
Roy Fokker, not quite getting how sarcasm works.

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Friday Links Destroys Science Fiction

June 13th, 2014

header-zoe-saldana-on-her-role-as-gamora-in-guardians-of-the-galaxyThis lovely piece by Amal El Mohtar places Women Destroy Science Fiction editor Christie Yant in conversation with other important women of SF’s history.

The Toast on How Not To Review Women’s Writing

Charles A Tan wrote a great piece on When Diversity Is Not Enough for Skiffy and Fanty.

Ben Peek is doing the publicity rounds with his new epic fantasy novel The Godless (which sounds amazing) including this interview.

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