Patreon and Musketeer Space: The Story So Far

Well, obviously I’m going to be documenting some of this! It’s no fun experimenting with a new business model if you don’t micro-analyse all the details.

So far, 21 patrons have pledged (collectively) over $100 per month to my Musketeer Space project. That’s pretty awesome. Of course, I haven’t actually received any funds yet (Patreon charges cards at the end of each month), but it’s a very good start and much more than I was expecting this early in the game.

I’ve reached 2 of my 3 initial milestones (I keep wanting to call them stretch goals, but that’s not quite what they are!), both of which include a commitment to provide blog reviews and essays relevant to the project: a monthly Musketeer Media review, and a weekly Robotech rewatch.

While Patreon have suggested that we not deliver rewards until after the first payment has been delivered, I’m quite keen to get started. So I’ll be putting up a Musketeer Media review this Monday, and beginning the Robotech posts next weekend. (my nine year old and I sat down and watched through five episodes straight through today – she loves it – so at least finding time to watch and make notes will be less of a problem)

The reward newsletter with extra material and behind the scenes stuff will begin in June.

I’ll be contacting patrons about their other rewards – spaceship naming, though this doesn’t have to happen immediately as people might like to wait and read some more of the story before they come up with what they want, and so on, in the first week of June.

Future funding milestones will focus less on extra content (I think I’m heading towards my limit on that) and more on improving the final quality of the book, including cover art and editorial expenses. I’ll be making changes here and there to the Patreon page as I learn new things.

And of course, I have the book itself to write! I don’t want to get ahead of myself with that at all – the story is the most important thing. I’m full of bubbling enthusiasm, and I hope having weekly readers to keep me honest will keep that enthusiasm bubbling over.

If you missed it, the first chapter of Musketeer Space can be read here. Reader Katharine (@thiefofcamorr) noted the usefulness of the Straight to Kindle function on Chrome, which may be of use to some of you if reading on a desktop isn’t fun.

Thanks so much for joining me on this weird and wonderful journey. The old blog has been, not exactly lying fallow lately, but certainly going through something of a resting period after last year’s Doctor Who anniversary frenzy. Now it’s time to change the curtains and give the whole place a new lease of life!

Everything’s better with Musketeers.

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  1. Likewise the dotEpub extension for chrome will do a fair rendition in epub. I am watching this project with keen interest. Its always good to see writers getting paid for their work.

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