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Capture_Upload11The turkey has been dinnered, the Doctor Who Christmas Special and the Call the Midwife Special have competed for the title of Most Depressing Christmas Special that Isn’t Set in Albert Square, and the leftovers picnic managed somehow to create an unholy alliance of leftovers which meant we all left with more food than we arrived with.

I guess that means Christmas is over! That would explain why I was yesterday woken up (at 6am!) by a four year old wailing “I miss Christmas!”

Here are some of my favourite holiday-related snippets of web content from the last week.

The latest holiday-themed installment of the occasionally serialised adventures of Supergirl and Batgirl by Mike Maihack.

A wonderful post at about scary lady writers from the Victorian era who penned Christmas horror tales.

I was looking forward to “Saving Mr Banks,” a biopic about PL Travers, Walt Disney, and the making of the Mary Poppins movie, starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks. This post suggests, however, that the movie is not only very wrong in some key points, but deliberately misrepresenting PL Travers in the worst way possible.

This lovely piece at No Award touches on how Christmas works in Australia, and yes I do join the ranks of those who perversely roasted vegetables on Christmas Day despite the heat of summer!

The Reality Bomb podcast, an excellent new addition to the many Doctor Who themed podcasts, presented a brilliant Christmas special, recorded live at Chicago TARDIS. It’s their usual mix of stylish magazine show with rocking radio voices, but I particularly loved the short story which looks at how destructive the ‘not a real fan’ myth can be. Very good fun all around!

3 replies on “Post-Christmas Links”

  1. Marina says:

    I hear you on the depressing Dr Who special. Depressing and even, dare I say? a little boring? What a miserable finish to a great run for Matt Smith. I’m trying hard to stay positive at the prospect of Peter Capaldi as the Dr, but I must admit his first appearance last night didn’t do much to reassure me.

  2. I must say that Matt Smith’s acting was the only thing that held that special together. Liked the quick change to Capaldi but his line felt off.

    On Saving Mr Banks, I am sorely disappointed for some reason I thought that this was going to be a great biopic that would set the record straight, but no.

  3. Sarah B says:

    It was actually bucketting down with rain in Newcastle, so it was *perfect* roast weather! If only that was what we planned…
    I thought the Christmas special was ok, but I had a running commentary and several kid-interruptions, so it’s hard to judge accurately until I get to watch it again properly.

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