Preorders Ahoy! Cabaret of Monsters & Halloween is Not a Verb

I have two books currently available for pre-order! Get in now and buy a gift for your future self.

Cabaret of Monsters, the prequel novella for the Creature Court trilogy, is dropping on November 15th! If you missed the Kickstarter, this is your chance to score a copy of this thrilling, theatrical art deco fantasy.

Saturnalia in Aufleur is a time of topsy-turvy revels, of the world turned upside down and transformed before your eyes. The city’s theatres produce an annual display of reversals, surprises and transformations. In Aufleur, flappers can transform into wolves. Even the rats are not what they seem.

Evie Inglirra is on a mission to infiltrate the theatrical world of Aufleur and discover what lies beneath their glamorous cabaret costumes and backstage scandals. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Cabaret of Monsters on Kindle
Cabaret of Monsters (paperback) on Amazon
Cabaret of Monsters on Smashwords

Coming even sooner is the latest story in the Belladonna University series about student share house friendships, witches and geeky rock music: yes, it’s Halloween is Not a Verb!

Young Aussie witches Hebe and Holly Hallow are bringing their friends home to meet their mums for Halloween! What terrible life choices will Sage and Jules make around the bonfire? Why is Ferd flipping out about poetry? What’s with all the butternut pumpkins?

Epic friendship and festive shenanigans with the magical students from Belladonna University.

Halloween is Not a Verb pre-order on Kindle (drops October 31)
Halloween is Not a Verb pre-order on Smashwords (drops October 31)
Halloween is Not a Verb – listen to it for free this month on the Sheep Might Fly podcast
Halloween is Not a Verb – download it RIGHT NOW if you subscribe to my Patreon for $2+ a month.

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