Return of the Friday Links

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I’ve had a request (hi Thoraiya!) to start up my occasional series of Friday links posts again. Since I have been slacking off from blogging for quite a few weeks now, I am making up for it today!

Timmi Duchamp at Aqueduct Press looks at the Women’s Hour SF discussion with particular concern for what Gwyneth Jones said about feminist SF vs. SF written by women.
EDIT: Gwyneth Jones’ right of reply, also on Aqueduct Press.

My Mum passed me this link to a cheering and inspirational article about the new generation of activist feminists in the UK (though as Kirstyn McDermott pointed out to me, obviously whoever composed the photograph of the group was not thinking with the feminist half of their brain)

Niall at Strange Horizons links to some Wiscon panel summaries. Sniff. One day my Wiscon will come.

A powerful post by Colleen at Chasing Ray about the ‘are books too dark for our teenagers because everyone knows bad things don’t happen unless you read about them’ stupidity.

Diana Peterfreund on why her latest book was so hard to write, how having babies makes books even HARDER to write, and why it’s important to own the hard work as well as the magical moments of the writing life.

Nicola Griffith (she has been on fire lately!) comparing two LAMBDA acceptance speeches and considering the gendered differences between them.

And oh, the piece of news that most excited me this week: the new Chameleon Circuit album has finally finished production and is available for pre-order, shipping in July. Eeeeee!

2 replies on “Return of the Friday Links”

  1. Thoraiya says:

    Ahh, thanks Tansy! It makes that final hour before my husband gets home to unwind this clinging chimpanzee from around my neck go so much faster 😉 (great and appropriate Diana Peterfreund article!)

  2. tansyrr says:

    Thought you’d like the Peterfreund article! I feel sort of responsible to my readers to point out stuff that deals with mothering & writering

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