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I’ve been slammed by edits the last few days and feeling a bit at a low ebb – the pretty book plates went a long way to cheering me up, as did this long and thoughtful review essay by Alexandra Pierce.

Alex unpacks a lot of things I have been hoping people would notice about Power and Majesty – some I’ve talked about publicly and some I haven’t. I’m delighted she got so much out of it and was particularly pleased to see her discuss it in relation to the urban fantasy genre – I always intended P&M to bridge urban & otherworld fantasy, and in fact spent a chunk of this afternoon discussing that on what will be my next episode of the CreatureCourtCast!

Here’s a few good quotes:

“The thing about Roberts is that her style is deceptive: descriptions of clothes and setting are so lovingly detailed and not scary that when a nasty thing happens it feels totally unexpected. And she doesn’t hesitate to use those finely-honed descriptions for fights, injuries, and other nastiness.”

If the next two books fulfil the promise of Power and Majesty, the Creature Court looks set to win a definite place in my heart. More importantly, it sets out new directions for urban fantasy in its construction of magic and in its genuinely ensemble cast that I think and hope will have implications for the whole genre.”

Also, Crisetta McLeod wrote a review of P&M for Aurealis Xpress last week. With Crisetta’s permission, I reproduce the piece in full:

There’s a well-tried trope here, of a heroine who is unwittingly a leader with magical powers. That’s the end of any comparison to other fantasies—this story is a quite extraordinary flight of imagination. We enter a world where the everyday folk are taken up with festivals and fun, fussing about their dresses and garlands—our main protagonist and her friends are skilled in supplying these—but wait, that’s just the daylight world! At night, the sky is riven with destructive forces and a coterie of magical Kings and courtiers exists to fight for the very existence of the city of Aufleur. There’s plenty of gory violence and lots of strange sexual encounters and perversions! It’s pretty engrossing to follow the heroine as she is inveigled into asserting her power, despite knowing nothing of those she is to lead or what their duties are, or what her own magical abilities might be. What a rabble she is to rule over, too, all at each other’s throats—literally, they drink each other’s blood!—and all ready to betray each other just for fun. If you like your fantasy with lots of gore and transmutations, go for it!
[Crisetta McLeod, Aurealis Xpress, June]

Meanwhile, Nicole R Murphy is offering a copy of Power and Majesty as a prize in her contest to encourage pre-orders of the upcoming paranormal romance “The Secret Ones” also from HarperCollins. I’m excited about this book, and you should be too!

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