ROBOTECH REWATCH 12: Earth Sweet Earth

robotech-the-macross-saga-1-13-blue-wind-spiesRobotech will be rewatched after these messages!

13. Blue Wind

Finally, the SDF1 approaches the Earth. As Claudia is snarky enough to point out, there’s still a massive alien barrier between them and their home planet, but it’s the closest they’ve come in a very long time.

The spies try to figure out how to function in civilian life by watching Sami and her co-workers who I will continue to NOT refer to as the Bridge Bunnies. They stalk them, and figure out that uniforms need to be discarded for more random clothes. Given that they are currently dressed in sacks tied up with string, the spies steal clothes from the locker room.

And of course because they don’t know anything about Micronians or indeed women, they don’t know the difference between male and female clothing. Bron finds a twinset and pearls that fits him and is quite pleased with it.

Lisa and Vermilion Squadron report on the aliens, but the other military brass from the SDF1 (who are only ever seen in meetings such as these) refuse to accept their findings, especially the numbers of Zentraedi ships. They laugh, patronise and mock the information. The idea that the Zentraedi might have millions of ships is hilarious!

Gloval has a plan to get the information to Earth, despite the negativity shown by the other officers. In the mean time he sends Lisa, Rick and the others off for some well deserved R&R.

The spies are dazzled by Macross City, and can’t quite see the military advantage of the bright lights and urban society. Still, it’s pretty! Bron finally realises that he is wearing a ‘female uniform’ when people stand around and laugh at him, which is very judgy of them. You would not want to be questioning your sexuality in this city.

Lisa and her boys are all promoted, and receive honours in a public ceremony. Nice! Minmei presents them with their medals and even kisses Rick on the cheek. She then dedicates her new song to the space heroes. It’s Stage Fright, which is all about her, and how she’s about to be a star. I’m not quite sure that she thought that dedication through… Mind you, I would have wanted to slap her if she’d gone with My Boyfriend’s a Pilot.

Lisa is delighted to return to the bridge as soon as possible, refusing to take her holiday leave. Because coffee breaks are more fun with friends! I like how we can see Lisa more relaxed and happy in her comfort zone – which is work, but work in her own environment. It’s only in the field that she gets especially snappish and unreasonable.

Rick, Max and Ben also try to get away with not taking their R&R, but Roy forcibly stops them joining a call to arms and sends them away to party or else. It’s a tough life in the military.

The SDF1 makes a break for Earth. Khyron attacks without authority AGAIN (seriously has he ever been ordered into the field to do some actual damage?), and the SDF1 transfigures into its Mighty Battloid Form to fight him.

Without Breetai around, it’s up to Azoria this time to haul Khyron back, and the two fleets face off against each other. Sadly, no one snaps their fingers or starts singing.

The SDF1 finally makes it home to Earth, splashing down in the ocean, and the humans rejoice at the sight of their own world again, and the real blue sky. Thank goodness all that is over!

robotech-the-macross-saga-1-14-glovals-report14. Gloval’s Report

Cliiiip show! Man, remember clip shows?

Gloval attempts to reconstruct the story so far, using snippets from previous episodes. My nine-year-old was a bit outraged about this, and I couldn’t blame her. The concept simply did not make sense in her brain.

The first time I saw this episode, I was grateful for it – I’d only seen a few episodes at that point and had missed most of the juicy stuff, so the Story So Far helped catch me up on missing details. Raeli has never known a world in which she couldn’t just find a copy of that thing she missed, and catch up on it.

But in a world of DVDs, iView, iTunes and of course, YouTube, the clip show concept has vanished as swiftly as the direct novelisation of episodes. Oh boy, remember novelisations of episodes? I collected the Buffy ones like mad because it was easier than finding them on VHS. THAT’S HOW OLD I AM.

The oddest aspect of this particular clip show is that it tells the story through the plot highlights, without the interpersonal drama context. Which pretty much misses the point of why I was watching Robotech.

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    Oh yes, the dreaded clip show.

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