ROBOTECH REWATCH 13: Can’t I Smoke Anywhere?

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It’s all getting a bit political.

minmeis yokohamaEpisode 15. Homecoming

The SDF1 is home! But it’s not going to be that easy. While the population of the ship party like it’s 1999, Lisa and Captain Gloval fly to Antarctica Base to talk to the government about resettling the civilians.

The spies practice their party skills, which mostly consists of yelling Hurrah and drinking. They’re fitting in just fine.

Claudia gets off duty and goes to call on her fiancé Roy – FIANCE? Where did that even come from? Last I saw he was still making smutty comments about how he could take Minmei off Rick’s hands. And while there has been some definite flirting-dating action between these two, mostly only hinted at in between larger plot developments, apparently there has been some serious progression.

Then again, it’s been two years, and we missed quite a lot thanks to time dilation and alien abductions.

Just as I’m recovering from this news, I spot another boob shot that I don’t recall screening on kids TV back in the day – a pinup on Roy’s wall. Classy.

Rick gets another brush with Minmei’s celebrity when he’s given the job of escorting her on a quick flight to visit her family in Yokohama – she’s the only member of the ship allowed this privilege because she’s so famous and important.

Despite them both joking that this feels like a date, Minmei mostly talks about herself – her exciting life as a one woman entertainment machine. There’s even going to be a movie soon (I am actually genuinely a bit excited about the movie) but before she can tell Rick more, she falls asleep. So much for their romantic getaway!

As Lisa and Captain Gloval travel into the base via the Main Shaft (which is a Grand Cannon as well as a lift – seems like an odd use of resources), they prepare for their meeting, and he makes her laugh by telling her stories about her father who is very busy and important in the military. Sadly once Lisa gives her comprehensive report, the top TOP brass refuse to accept her information about the strength of the aliens – they simply can’t believe that she is telling the truth. They don’t laugh at her like the slightly less top brass from the SDF1, but neither are they remotely receptive to what she has to say. They also avoid answering the question about what is to be done with the thousands of citizens of Macross City.

Minmei is giddy about being home, and gives Rick a tour of Yokohama, finishing up in Chinatown where her family lives. It doesn’t occur to her until she arrives that her whole family has thought she was dead for two whole years. Once they recover from their shock, they hit the roof at her when she attempts to leave again so soon after arriving. Her inability to explain much about where she has been, and her need to return to the ship (to please her fans, not to mention the government), makes no sense to them.

Which basically means MInmei ends up stamping her feet at them and shrieking ‘I wanna be a movie star’ as opposed to ‘actually we’re at war and it’s a military secret’ which would be, hopefully, a little more convincing.

The fight ends quickly when Minmei’s cousin Kyle comes down. He is amazed to discover that not only Minmei but his parents are alive and well. Minmei doesn’t have any problem with spilling state secrets by talking happily about Macross City and its survivors, while Kyle seems more interested in point-scoring off Rick because he’s militantly anti-military. And basically an asshole.

Kyle is the guy who gives pacifists, vegetarians and all lefties a bad name, because he’s so appallingly pious and hypocritical at every turn. He’s totally that guy. We hate that guy.

Lisa and Gloval are shocked and furious that the top brass (including Lisa’s own father) are stonewalling them – they want the SDF1 to keep on distracting the aliens along with their tempting shipful of pretty shiny civilians, and gather more intel (which the Earth government will also, presumably, ignore) while they work on building up the Earth’s own defences.

It takes a while to load the Grand Cannon, okay?

Kyle becomes Minmei’s champion, deciding to return temporarily with her to the SDF1 to see his family and keep an eye on her, putting her own parents’ minds at least slightly at ease. Rick spends the flight back fuming as Kyle and Minmei drape themselves all over each other and flirt with disturbing intimacy. EW COUSINS.

Stunned and quiet, Lisa and Gloval return to the ship, not knowing how to break it to their people that they have to take off into space again. Lisa’s father sends her a letter promising to get her a transfer off the alien death ship, but she tears it to pieces in her fury. She would never leave the SDF1 under these circumstances – not by choice, anyway.

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