ROBOTECH REWATCH 14 – The Pacifist’s Fighting Feet

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Lynn Kyle is a jerk and I hate his face.

Episode 16 – Battle Cry

Captain Gloval is under siege by his bridge crew, all demanding that he do something about the ridiculous and unfair decision by Headquarters – that the SDF1 has to go back into space.

The situation is fraught but luckily there is lunch to distract them.

Meanwhile, Lynn Kyle arrives in Macross City to the shock of his parents. His mother is delighted, but his father has a very odd response, refusing to talk to him in favour of doing the washing up with repressed emotions.

The more we get to know of Kyle’s personality, the more understandable this reaction is. Quiet fist bump in the direction of Papa Lynn.

The Zentraedi spies are so starving they break a window to steal food – unfortunately they don’t know the Japanese tradition of placing plastic food replicas in the window. To their surprise, the nice restaurant owner welcomes them in for a bite to eat since they’re obviously in need of it. Not a word is said about the broken window, or about ration books. They totally lucked out with this one.

The bridge crew turn up to Minmei’s family restaurant to find Rick moping at a table on his own – he’s been ignored during the grand reunion with Kyle, so is happy to see some friendly faces. Lisa is startled at how similar he is to her former lover, Karl Riber (though honestly in the flashbacks they look NOTHING alike, and we know their attitude to the military is exactly opposite, so – I don’t see it?) and the rest of the girls just leer at him because he’s kinda hot.

Also at some point Max appears ninja-like at the table – once again he arrives in the middle of scenes and pretends he’s been there for ages.

Kyle’s angry pacifist ways make for some awkward conversations with Rick and the bridge crew, as he’s one of *those* pacifists who can’t stop yelling about how much he hates war and people who fight wars, despite being in the middle of a giant space war. Things get worse when a muddled official announcement reveals that no one is leaving the ship yet, and the civilians get angry at the most immediately available representatives of the military.


It turns out that all of the citizens eating at the Chinese restaurant tonight are violent, punch-happy dudes. So that’s inconvenient. In the midst of the fight, Max stops a thug grabbing Lisa, and Kyle steps in with his amazing martial arts techniques to beat up a whole bunch of people with his feet.

Yep. He’s a pacifist all right. In no way a hypocrite as he beats his opponents into the ground, only pausing to tidy his long flowing hair.

“You’re a pretty well trained fighter for someone who doesn’t like to fight.”
Max, to Kyle.

Kyle then rejects Lisa’s help on the grounds, sneering at her for being one of those despicable military types. Instead, he lets Minmei clean his tiny scratch, and smirks. Words can never convey what a complete douche Kyle is. I hate him forever. He has no redeeming features.

After the ad break, Commander Azonia of the Zentraedi is shocked that Khyron has gone off without specific military orders again. Why she should be shocked is a mystery given that IT’S KHYRON.
No one on either side has any idea what Khyron intends to achieve by this new attack. Again, par for the course.

Lisa, meanwhile, is dazed with thoughts of Karl and Kyle, who are all mixed up together in her head. I am going to choose to pretend that I have no interest in her as a character until she is over this. I can’t even.

Once the actual attack begins, we get to see Claudia and Lisa working brilliantly together – mostly. Rick has a miniature breakdown in the field before pulling himself together and getting on with the action – but then Lisa freezes up in command, terrified that he’s going to hurt himself again.

Miriya’s job is to stop Khyron, and not to engage with the Micronians, but she pretends her radio isn’t working in order to join the fun. Honestly, it’s like Azonia is a kindergarten teacher. Azonia chews out Khyron and convinces him to return, but while he agrees to be a good boy, he also tells his very posh-sounding second in command not to forget his souvenir, which is code for ‘keep attacking them’.

As the Zentraedi command ship gets closer and closer to the SDF1, they plan to enact the manoeuvre that Lisa is famous for and that the aliens haven’t stopped falling for yet – when the Daedalus aircraft carrier waits until the last minute and then punches them right where it hurts, in the fleet.

Unfortunately, despite Claudia’s loud countdown, Lisa gets distracted and doesn’t push the button at the right moment. LISA I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU, STOP THINKING ABOUT BOYS.

Rick is caught in direct line of the SDF1 missiles and shot out of the sky. This is basically Lisa’s fault.

Nevertheless, the humans win the day and Khyron is once again left howling about how weird and frustrating it is that his plans never work. Even though he never consults anyone about his plans ahead of time. Funny, that.

Captain Gloval congratulates Lisa on a job well done, but she breaks down in tears, knowing how badly she screwed up this time. And of course, terrified that she has got Rick killed.

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