ROBOTECH REWATCH 19: Make Movies, Not War

21-a-new-dawn-300x229Robotech will be rewatched after these messages!

This one has a film premiere, a love square and an extra blog commentary by my nine-year-old co-conspirator in this rewatch.

Episode 21 – A New Dawn

Minmei’s movie Little Green Dragon is about to be released, and her drunken agent promises her anything she wants since she’s such a big star. She asks for a front row seat to be reserved at the premiere as a surprise for Rick.

Remember Jan, the “famous” Hollywood actress who thought she was going to win Miss Macross? She turns up in a bitchy cameo, attempting to pour red wine over Minmei’s “quaint” dress. Hilariously, because Minmei is made of diamonds and lucky unicorn glitter, the wine gets nowhere near her. Don’t mess with the Minmei, you cannot win!

Rick doesn’t get Minmei’s message until late, and tries to call her room to find out what she wants, but doesn’t get through. He misses the part about a seat being saved for him, so the next day lines up to buy a ticket like a normal person.

Kyle and Minmei are special guests at the premiere – and even though this is finally a situation in which the song “Stage Fright” is actually appropriate, it’s a bit confusing because Minmei introduces it as her NEW song. This blatant untruth actually made Ms9 scream with outrage at the television. I’m so proud of her.

The movie is an old timey kung fu drama, which comes as something of a shock to the Zentraedi who now think that the Micronians have magic powers thanks to Kyle’s character. The kissing scene also comes as a shock to the fascinated Zentraedi – and to my daughter who is not only fervently anti-romance but understandably horrified by the concept of cousins snogging.

Imagine the rest of this rewatch regularly punctuated by a deadpan 9 year old repeating “BUT THEY’RE COUSINS”.

Rick and Lisa both leave the cinema during the kissing scene and collide with each other, getting into a squabble that makes me feel almost nostalgic from the old days when they hated each other.
Lisa asks Rick why he walked out in the middle of the film and he is relieved when an emergency ship transformation is called, which means he doesn’t have to answer her.

Minmei and Kyle flee the theatre in the hope of finding a shelter and Minmei being Minmei, she immediately falls off the side of a newly-made ravine. As Kyle pulls her to safety, she hallucinates Rick doing the same thing last time this happened. At least the show isn’t hiding the fact that this happens to her all the time.

Poor old Sami is struggling to hold down Lisa’s job, panicking wildly with her first solo battle co-ordination.

Rick and Lisa attempt to get back to base (she refuses to go to a shelter because hello, they’re the military) and they end up trapped in a metallic pit, thanks to the transformation. After haranguing each other a bit they sigh and make friends instead.

Lisa freaks out a bit about Rick sulking.

LISA: I get insecure when people don’t talk.
RICK: I thought you were too tough to be insecure.

They chat about military matters, including Max and Sami’s respective skills, and Lisa is almost impressed that Rick seems to have grown a brain since then. They also share a little nostalgia about that time they rode around in Max’s giant pocket and almost enjoy each other’s company.

Rick wonders about why the Zentraedi are not just destroying them and getting on with it. Lisa shares her theory that there are two camps among the aliens, those who are holding back because they think the humans are derived from Protoculture, and those who want to destroy them. She knows internal admin failure when she sees it.

They talk about the movie then and Rick teases Lisa about her sudden social life and interest in movies. He is actually smart enough to figure out she only went because she has a crush on Kyle, and she stings back with a cheap shot about Minmei.

Having thoroughly hurt and embarrassed each other, Lisa confesses the story of her lost love, who looked just like Kyle.

Back on the bridge, Sami has acquitted herself very reasonably in covering for Lisa’s job. Her voice and the un-transformation interrupt a Moment between Rick and Lisa, who have figured out that they actually might like each other. Oops.

There’s an adorable scene in which Rick tries to Lisa her a soda from the machine and she insists on paying for it instead because she earns more. He then tries to shield her from the sight of Minmei and Kyle going into the same hotel, but Lisa is pretty much over it now.

“Welcome back to reality.”

They hold hands as they head back – very slowly – to work. This ship, it is sailing in the right direction! Ms9 is genuinely distressed, because she was hoping this was a platomance.

And speaking of Ms9, she has her own Robotech Rewatch report this week:

Ms9 Says: I think robotech is great but is a bit wobbly with Lisa, Rick, Kyle and Minmei. Sami is good at her job AND Lisas job but is a very good description of my little sister,(Ms5 ) in her free time.I am constantly shocked about how Roy had blood and shrapnor all down his back yet not evan survillians noticed,if they did, there super shy kids.I have also noticed that every time a(n important) person dies, theres always some food left.I’m not sure why all the Zentradi are all different if the only way of reproduction is cloning! Yet another way anime messed up.

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