ROBOTECH REWATCH 20: Old Songs For New

Picture 3Robotech will be rewatched after these messages!

This is the one where the aliens think Kyle is magical, and Minmei sings a song.

Episode 22 – Battle Hymn

Dolza catches up on the Micronian kung fu movie via Netflix – and once again, Kyle’s magic powers and anti-gravitational kicking ability impress him. He’s a teeny bit concerned that all Micronians will have these skills. Meanwhile, the rest of the Zentraedi soldiers are melting at the heart about the tinny voice of the Minmei doll that Konda, Bron and Rico have been showing off behind the bike sheds.

Soldier: This singing really makes me feel funny.
Konda: Just wait until you hear the next song.
Soldier: Oh there’s another song?
My daughter: Nope.

Khyron isn’t all that interested when his 2ic reports about the new fad for Micronian tat until he finds out that many of their soldiers actually want to defect in order to find out more about this earth thing called Minmeisongs. That is quite an alarming development, really.

Dolza has his own plan to sort the issue, demanding that Breetai brings some Micronian prisoners over to his place for him to examine. Guess which ones he’s particularly interested in nabbing?

Konda, Rico and Bron are worried when the attack is ordered, because they don’t want to hurt the Micronians and risk damaging either Minmei or the source for awesome stuff. The spies and a bunch of their friends all plan to defect at the same time, during the attack, and they bully Korita the specialist in charge of the shrinking machine into helping them.

Back on the SDF1, Rick is being contemplative, wondering if he’s going to die in battle. Then a convenient poster of Minmei fires him up, and he remembers that he’s fighting for her and can’t afford negative thoughts.

At a concert, Minmei announces a new song. Ms9 and I are on tenterhooks. Really, a new song?

She sings To Be In Love and we explode into laughter. THESE ARE NOT NEW SONGS, MINMEI. She is scary good at rebranding and no one calls her on it. Except Ms9 who has lost what little respect she had left for her.

The bridge crew get giggly about the romantic song, while Claudia sighs and remembers her loving relationship with Roy (the one which, pineapple salad aside, we have now seen more of retroactively than when it was actually happening). Lisa meanwhile is still feeling soppy about Kyle (STOP THAT, LISA) and his challenging pacifist thoughts, but refuses to be changed by a man (GO LISA!).

Minmei’s songs are counteractive to productivity. They cause people to stare into the distance and get nothing done.

Kyle is having grumpy thoughts about all the attention that Minmei is getting, while no one pays any thought to all the fighting and killing going on. (Wow, maybe if her lyrics were about something other than stage fright and that loving feeling, they might get some political communication across, there’s a thought)

Exedore and Breetai plan an operation around the popular Micronian Daedalus manoeuvre – they want to deliberately let the Micronians punch a hole in their hull this time, in order to smuggle their own people aboard. Bad news, humans, you’ve become predictable.

Meanwhile the rogue Zentraedi cult led by Konda, Rico and Bron are ready for their own infiltration, desperate to get back to the SDF1 and their former happiness.

Minmei’s concert is interrupted by the battle just as she announces her next song. Everyone panics and screams. Kyle forces her to keep singing to keep everyone calm instead of, you know, getting everyone to shelters.

“Put your heart into it, Minmei.”
Kyle, always with the priorities.

She sings Stage Fright. Ms9 collapses in outrage.

Zentraedi Battlepods break through to the SDF1, causing damage and destruction everywhere. Rick and the other pilots are recalled urgently, and Rick makes it clear that he only really cares about rescuing Minmei.

Kyle at this point is pushing Minmei to keep singing To Be In Love over and over as some kind of endurance test for everyone. The audience have fled, and Kyle and Minmei both collapse on the broken stage.

Macross City is a literal war zone, and the concert hall is on fire. Minmei cleans blood off Kyle’s face and pulls funny faces to makes him laugh.

“Minmei’s stronger than I ever felt possible. I’m so proud of her.”
Kyle thinks of something other than himself for five seconds.

“I’m coming for you, Minmei!”
Rick has a one track mind.

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  1. John Samuel says:

    That’s one of the weaknesses of the Robotech dub – Mari Ijima had a full repertoire in the Japanese but only partial songs were written for the dub, and not enough of them. 🙁

  2. The voice actors who worked on Roboech said that the production was very rushed and included late night recordings. This may have caused the repetition of music.

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