ROBOTECH REWATCH 21: Breaking into the Asylum

robotech--1-23-recklessRobotech will be rewatched after these messages.

I think I just had my first day off in about three years, not counting that time I got pneumonia. And I shouldn’t count that, right?

Regardless, at a quarter to midnight I only just remembered my Robotech post should have gone up. Whoops! Here it is, better late than never.

Episode 23 – Reckless

The battle is still going on inside the ship, carried over from the previous episode.

To Khyron’s confusion, the pilots of his Battlepods all start fanboying about Minmei instead of concentrating on the opportunity to shoot Micronians. His own men stage a mass revolt against him, squeeing and waving their metaphorical autograph books.

My daughter Ms 5 (who doesn’t normally pay a lot of attention to what is going on in this show but is on Team Minmei) notes that the fleeing Battlepods look a lot like running chickens. She’s not wrong.

Rick, still in his Robotech suit, gets to the amphitheatre in time to see Kyle and Minmei alone on stage, proving yet again that they are incapable of getting to a shelter under any circumstances. To his horror, Rick sees Kyle kiss Minmei and his brain basically shuts off.

Lisa gets through to Rick and he tells her to send a rescue crew to pick up Kyle and Minmei – he goes off morosely after that and so doesn’t see Minmei push Kyle off her and tell him never to kiss her again.

Rick is now dedicated to defending the SDF1 and nothing else, having given up on romance.

A group of Zentraedi soldiers discover a broken Minmei doll in the rubble of the city and are so distressed by what they have done that they all start trying to desert. Most of them don’t get very far. Exedore gives Khyron orders to capture the deserters rather than kill them – Khyron is not happy about this, though to be fair he’s very rarely happy about any of his orders ever.

Rick is called to Gloval’s office to find Konda, Rico and Bron waiting for him in a formal meeting. (Max was there ahead of him, which amused me – he is such a ninja, sliding sideways into scenes) Lisa explains that these three Zentraedi are requesting asylum. Rick is shocked, but questions them about why they want to stay.

The boys confess their prior experience as spies and explain how happy they think the Micronians appear. They want to be here because of Minmei and because the humans have Protoculture, though they refuse to explain what they mean by that.

Rick concedes that the Zentraedi should be allowed to stay and the random top brass (who all look identical and have no names but generally disagree with Gloval about everything as a matter of course) are cranky at how quickly he changed his mind. He explains that in his original report he explained about how war-obsessed they all were when he made first contact, and this change has been pretty rapid since the spies learned about human culture.

This might be the only way to make peace between their cultures – to teach them that life can be good without war.

“Well there’s some nice emotional logic.”

Lisa then repeats everything Rick just said, in case anyone didn’t understand it the first time. aThe meeting is still skeptical. But then Science Dude arrives and presents Gloval with a report.

After the ad break, during which everyone has read the report, they learn that the cell structure of the Zentraedi is the same as humans. Gloval takes it to mean they are technically not aliens and the boys can be granted asylum on political grounds. Hooray!

The random top brass officers continue to be cranky, and threaten to get the earth government to overturn Gloval’s decision. Given the extreme lack of interest that the earth government currently has in anything they do, Gloval isn’t bothered.

Rick and Lisa survey the damaged Macross City and find Minmei’s aunt and uncle who are looking for Kyle. Rick tells them about Kyle and Minmei being taken to the hospital and volunteers himself and Lisa to look after the restaurant while they’re gone.

Domestic moment ahead! They clean up the place together and Lisa goes to make tea. Rick has a flashback when he sees a photo of Minmei – disturbingly in his memory of the scene back at the ampitheatre it is very clear that Minmei is being forcibly kissed against her will and not remotely enjoying it, though Rick doesn’t seem to notice.

They share a cup of tea and Rick wonders why Lisa isn’t at the hospital already, mooning about Kyle. Lisa confesses that the political excitement of the asylum question distracted her and actually she’s not that into Kyle for his own sake – she was mostly aroused by his weird pacifist ideas and what they sparked in her head, plus the whole Karl Riber thing.

She gently asks about Minmei and encourages Rick to explore the relationship with her given that it is closer to an actual relationship than her crush on Kyle had been.

Another attack comes and Rick runs off to join his squadron. Lisa locks up the restaurant and then goes to relieve Sami on the bridge. Later, Lisa and Rick share a cute moment over the radio where she wishes the aliens would just go home and he yells at the aliens (on her behalf) to go home.

“Oh well it was a good try.”
Some girls expect flowers, but Lisa is all about the empty gestures during combat.

Lisa wants to go back to Earth to defend the asylum of the defectors and explain how important it is that they find a way to make peace between their people and the Zentraedi. Gloval agrees it’s worth a try, though they are both aware the government and Lisa’s father in particular may not allow her to ever return to the SDF1.

Rick and Lisa manage to just miss each other in the corridor as they return to their corridors – she is musing about how he might react to her leaving, possibly for good, while he is planning to ask her out on a date.

Bad timing, sweetie pies. But I think we’re all relieved that Lisa has talked herself out of that whole Kyle fancying debacle. Now we just need Rick to figure out the Minmei thing. I’m sure he won’t waste too much more time on it…

Famous last words.

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