ROBOTECH REWATCH 24: Provocative Pairing Rituals.

orange juiceIt’s all kicking off in Robotech – within an episode or two, the entire premise of the show is about to change. This one’s all about a meeting of the minds, and military secrets.

Episode 26 – The Messenger

The Zendraedi are approaching again, and so the humans on the SDF1 get their big gun ready, same as always. To their surprise, they get a message that the Zentraedi want a ceasefire and to actually… talk. Peacefully.

Naturally, Khyron takes this opportunity to try to attack, but Breetai’s Zentraedi fire on him until he behaves himself.

Rick is seriously weirded out at having to escort a Zentraedi pod ship directly to the SDF1.

On the podship, Exedore has been Micronised and is ready to visit the SDF1, though his guard is still super big.

Exedore introduces himself as Minister of Affairs upon arrival. His giant-sized pilot is asked to remain at the ship, and to their horror, a couple of human soldiers are asked to bring him a snack. They’re left trying to figure out how to acquire the world’ biggest sandwich.

Exedore is delighted at getting a chance to see Macross City, showing off his limited knowledge of how shopping and money works. He is startled by the appearance of a girl in a bikini on a billboard, but his questions only make his escort uncomfortable. They agree that it’s obviously a military secret.

Exedore is also really into the orange juice that is poured for him at the meeting. It is delicious!

At the meeting, Miriya is startled when Exedore greets her rather cheerfully. Max is a bit insulted by Miriya’s discomfort around discussing her marriage, and sulks. Rick apparently got no memos at all and is all ‘What is going on here?’

“I found your pairing ritual quite provocative.”
Exedore tells it like it is.

Exedore recognises Max and Rick from that time they were prisoners and he interrogated them! Great times.

Konda, Rico and Bron turn up too, and are terrified that Exedore is here to take them back, but he reassures them.

Before the meeting can begin, Exedore requests two more delegates to join the talks – Minmei and Kyle, whom he believes to be masters of psychological warfare. In order to make it quite clear who he means, he mimics Minmei’s singing and dancing with a terrifyingly camp rendition of Stage Fright.

Everyone is traumatised.

No one can unsee it.

Kyle is cranky about being brought to a meeting (first world problems dude) because he’s ‘tired of being pushed around by the military’ – it happened ONE TIME, seriously.

Lisa on Alaska Base (I’ve been calling it Antarctica Base before now, oops, there’s my southern hemisphere bias showing) is working away at her new job. She chats to her Dad about how she’s heard about the ceasefire with the aliens and is hoping that means they won’t have to use the Great Cannon. He basically pats her on the head and tells her how cute and innocent she is.

In the peace talks, Exedore asks Kyle’s military rank and has the whole movie thing explained to him. It’s not real, and Kyle does not have superpowers. Really.

This is, by the way, a hell of an admission from Gloval – the misunderstanding was quite a military advantage for them. But of course we’re moving on here – and they need to make friends fast.

Exedore accepts the whole fake movie thing, but refuses to drop the issue of the obvious power of Minmei’s song. Everyone agrees that her singing is pretty rad. Exedore explains that exposure to another culture once came close to destroying the Zentraedi. He suspects that once his report is made, high command will launch an attack on the Earth after reclaiming the protoculture factory that they believe is somewhere on the SDF1.

In fact, they might not wait for his report.

His advice to the SDF1 is to leave the star system now while they still can. When Gloval tells him they can’t leave the Earth which they are sworn to protect, Exedore admits that the main fleet (another 4 million ships, led by Dolza) are on their way, and they’re likely to be attacking Breetai and Azonia’s forces because they are believed to be contaminated. It’s freaking him out, and he wants to join forces with Gloval’s people to “win” – that is, to get out of the situation with some of them alive.

On Alaska Base, Lisa realises that the SDF1 is about to be sacrificed as a decoy, and begs her father to let her go back to the ship so she can be with her real crew, even if they’re about to die. He refuses, and makes her cry.

The Zentraedi leaders have a tele-conference. Breetai and Azonia make the sensible decisions, and turn off Khyron’s screen when he starts ranting with his usual ‘I will destroy you’ rubbish.

Exedore and Gloval make plans for the upcoming fight. Exedore asks Minmei to sing something inspiring, and she goes with ‘To Be in Love.’

The main fleet starts popping into the sky around the Earth, defolding from hyperspace. There’s so many of them that the planet is blanketed in green.


Oh, wait.


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